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Cant see group members in instance

#63 submitted the 2016/12/19 - Last updated the 2017/04/24

Bugged information

Sometimes when going into an instance with a party, you're not able to see all your group members even though they are all inside. Others can sometimes see them but you are unable to see, buff, or even heal them. The only fix I've found to work is either relogging or zoning in and out (Doesnt always work).

Correct information

Should be able to see, target, buff and heal all party members inside and instance.

Anathema Confirmed Spell Pathfinding Other 20
Disconnect after fear+some types of crowd control

#2318 submitted the 2017/02/02 - Last updated the 2017/04/24

Bugged information

Character in fear can be sometimes disconnected after getting some types of crowd control effects. There was some reports of this issue(like fear+stun during combat with Nefarian causes disconnects), but the problem is bigger than that, so I decided to create new one.

We was able to reproduce bug with both warlock(Fear spell=6215) and priest(Psychic Scream spell=10890) fears and with following cc effects:

  • Frost Nova (spell=10230)
  • Different stuns (Intercept spell=20252, Concussion Blow spell=12809)
  • Freezing Trap(spell=14311)
  • Seduction (spell=20407) this only worked for us when fear and seduction was from different warlocks. We tried many times but failed to get dc when one warlock cast fear and seduction(well, when his Succubus did). (Though one of warlocks who tested that just said that he tried some more times and succeeded)

We suppose that this bug connected with pathing in fear, because we had 2 situations( when I use "CC" here i mean one of listed above types of CC):

  1. Character got CC right after it got fear. In this case character was teleported from point where it was CCed to point in his movement direction(like the point character would have stopped in fear if it never had been CCed at all). If fear or CC got interrupted in any way while character was in wrong point and the distance between 2 points was big enough character got disconnected.
  2. Character got fear after CC. In this case character was teleported in the direction of fear. The distance of 'teleport' appears to be bigger in case character remained in both fear and CC for more time and smaller if character remained in both fear and CC for less time. We tried several times but failed to get disconnect in this case. In both situation character's moving in fear was wrong.

We tried but failed to reproduce bug with: -some slow effects(Frost Bolt spell=10181, Hamstring spell=1715) -Mind Control (spell=605) (We suppose that we just could not cast MC in time to get disconnect, because players sometimes get disconnect after getting MC on battleground) -Blind (spell=2094) -Scatter Shot (spell=19503) with this spells character wasn't teleported anywhere.

Character was teleported, but we failed to get disconnect with Gouge spell=1776 (Again, we suppose that it is possible, we just couldn't do it)

Some movies from 01.02.2017. Each moment from two viewers: one who gets fear and CC and one who doesn't.

Fear + Frost Nova on warrior Warrior cancels fear with Berserker Rage and get disconnected.

Fear+Freezing Trap on warrior Mage casts Fire Blast to interrupt trap effect(fear remains). In this video mage blinked from trap to show the distance. First time the range of "teleportation" was small and warrior hasn't get disconnected. Second time the range of "teleportation" was a bit bigger than blink range and warrior get disconnected.

Fear + Seduction(from different warlocks) on mage Warlock stops casting Seduction. Mage uses Ice Block after he was teleported. He get disconnected after a freeze.

Seduction+Fear(from one warlock) on mage Warlock stops casting Seduction. Mage uses Ice Block after warlock has seen mage's teleportation. No disconnect here, but mage's paths from warlock's and mage's view differs too much.

Correct information

Players should not be teleported or disconnected.

Anathema Confirmed Spell Pathfinding 8
Fear Pathing Bug

#538 submitted the 2016/12/26 - Last updated the 2017/04/24

Bugged information

How it currently works:

You're currently able to "steer" players in any direction you want, it will always take the casters position and run 180 degrees from him.

Correct information

Example of how it should work:

Basically just random I suppose.

Anathema Confirmed Hunter Warlock Pathfinding Creature 1
Pets do not keep up with their masters

#1297 submitted the 2017/01/11 - Last updated the 2017/04/24

Bugged information

Pets do not keep up with their masters like they did in vanilla WoW. The pet always seems to be lagging behind instead of being in sync with the master's movements. Pets also slow down when entering combat.

Example of all of this:

Correct information

The pet should keep up with the master. Several classic WoW videos illustrate this mechanic quite well.

Anathema WIP Rogue Spell Item 15
Several Lockpicking Bugs (important)

#1142 submitted the 2017/01/07 - Last updated the 2017/04/06

Bugged information

  1. Rogues unable to pick locks via "will not be traded" slot in trade window.
  2. Rogues unable to trade or mail opened boxes.
  3. Rogue trainers do not point the player to an appropriate area with boxes to unlock.

Correct information

1. Trade unlocking

  • Patch 1.2.2 says: "Rogues now correctly gain Lockpicking skill from items picked in the trade window". This note points to rogue ability to unlock boxes via trade option.
  • Wowhead and Allakhazam topics from old times describes the retail realities of trade unlocking via "will not be traded" slot in trade window.
  • Lockpicking etiquette says: "If you have only one or two lockboxes, put them in the "Will not be traded" slot of the trade window. Otherwise, you can trade your boxes to the lockpicker in bulk and they can unlock them from their inventory, then trade them back to you".

2. Mailing/trading opened lockboxes.

  • I don't exactly know how it supposed to work. On our server, it seems, unlocking boxes is kinda enchanting, that turn boxes soulbound. It makes them unable to put into trade window or mailbox, so it's impossible to transfer opened boxes between players. Anyone, who have any evidence of retail mechanics of opened box transfer is called to this discussion!
  • Lockpicking etiquette says: "You can mail the boxes to them, and they can send them back unlocked (if you do, list the boxes in the message, so they have a note to respond to, and as a reminder of who sent what)".

3. Rogue trainers guidance.

  • Since Patch 1.4.0 rogue trainers should point the player to an appropriate area with boxes to unlock depending on the lockpicking skill of the player. There is no such thing on our server realised.

I'm askin the developers to pay attention to these problems. Respectfully yours, Cherno.

Anathema WIP Other 17
Raid markers disappear when one of the marked mobs is killed

#567 submitted the 2016/12/27 - Last updated the 2017/04/24

Bugged information

I have noticed that the raid markers will often disappear when one of the marked mobs is killed. For example, if mobs are marked with a skull, X, and moon and any of those mobs are killed, the other symbols above the remaining mobs disappears immediately. This occurs both outside in the open world, and in dungeons. I have ruled out an addon problem by disabling all of them and I have confirmed this issue with others experiencing it.

Correct information

The correct behavior should be that when one of the marked mobs is killed, the remaining mobs retain their marked symbols. They should not disappear when one of the mobs is killed. Please advise on if this is a known bug and if it will be fixed.

Darrowshire New Druid Item 32
+ weapon damage is working for feral shapeshifting damage

#1088 submitted the 2017/01/05 - Last updated the 2017/04/14

Bugged information

Weapon +damage enchants like "Enchant Weapon - Superior Striking" as well as Weightstones and Sharpening Stones boost damage while shapeshifted into Bear, Dire Bear, or Cat Form.

Correct information

Weapon DPS, weapon +damage enchants like "Enchant Weapon - Superior Striking" and Weightstones and Sharpening Stones have no effect while shapeshifted into Bear, Dire Bear or Cat Form. However, armor pieces such as the Might of Cenarius ring that boost weapon damage do work. Weapon enchants that boost stats such as Attack Power and Agility rather than weapon damage also work.

Anathema WIP Paladin Spell 26
Seal of Righteousness (SoR) should never have partial resists

#282 submitted the 2016/12/22 - Last updated the 2017/04/16

Bugged information

Correct information

Seal of Righteousness (SoR) should never have partial resists

Darrowshire New Item 3
Azuregos loot table Darrowshire incorrect.

#1473 submitted the 2017/01/20 - Last updated the 2017/03/23

Bugged information

Hi, I am here to report that there are some items missing in 2 loot tables on the server 'Darrowshire' and possibly the other servers aswell. I am positive some Priests, Warlocks and Mages will be thrilled if these items are added in the near future.

Azuregos: This items are: 1[Crystal Adorned Crown] 2[Snowblind Shoes] 3[Typhoon].

Molten core: This items are: [Mana Igniting Cord], [Sash of Whispered Secrets], [Robe of Volatile Power]

Correct information

Below are the correct patches the items listed above should drop on:

Azuregos [Crystal Adorned Crown]: Patch 1.5.0 (2005-06-07): Added. [Snowblind Shoes]: Patch 1.5.0 (2005-06-07): Added. [Typhoon]: Patch 1.4.0 (2005-05-05): Added

Molten core Mana Igniting Cord drops from various bosses in Molten Core: ◾Baron Geddon, ◾Golemagg the Incinerator ◾Garr ◾Magmadar [Mana Igniting Cord], Patch 1.5.0 (2005-06-07): Added.

The Sash of Whispered Secrets is found in the Cache of the Firelord which appears by defeating Majordomo Executus in the Molten Core. [Sash of Whispered Secrets], Patch 1.4.0 (2005-05-05): Added.

Robe of Volatile Power drops from Gehennas, Lucifron, Shazzrah and Sulfuron Harbinger in Molten Core. [Robe of Volatile Power] Patch 1.5.0 (2005-06-07): Added.

Anathema Need sources Other 10
Crit as a secondary stat is not being calculated correctly for characters below level 60

#1469 submitted the 2017/01/16 - Last updated the 2017/04/16

Bugged information

I found this out by finishing making my twink yesterday. I noticed that my crit was much lower than it should be compared to a twink back in vanilla with very similar gear. My current anathema twink has around 12.5% crit. It should have around 24% The reason must be because crit is calculated off of what's needed for crit at level 60. Lower level characters are needing far more agility than they should to get a comparable level of crit as it should be in vanilla.

Correct information

Secondary stats like crit and dodge are fed by other stats like agility. Depending on the character level, different amounts of the stat are needed to get to a certain percentage. That's why with all the guides back in the day you'd see the phrase "stat values needed for a level 60 character" because the presumption is that that number does not hold up if you are lower level. Agility at lower levels should give much more crit than it currently does. It seems like dodge may be right though I don't have proof or resources to see what it was in vanilla.

Anathema New Item 9
Thunderfury Proc undertuned

#3649 submitted the 2017/03/12 - Last updated the 2017/04/06

Bugged information

Currently, Thunderfury has a 15% procrate on Auto attacks and special attacks. data

  1. Considering the PvP Gear are kept at their latest version according to Nostalrius item patches, Thunderfury should be no exception. It should have the procrate 25% that it had on Nostalrius (It used to be 15% but they buffed it to 25%).
  2. Thunderfury was never at it's pre 1.8 state where it could proc from maelstrom, HoJ, poisons etc with procrate of 30%. It's worst state is being emulated while it's best state never was. If you cannot emulate the best state you should not emulate the worst either.
  3. Nost intentions was never to make Thunderfury useless like blizzard did, nor keep it overpowered as in it's original state. They instead choose to put it in it's 1.12 state as a compromise to still make it useful.
  4. No itemization patches alters the PPM of Thunderfury, and Thunderfury has stock mangos 5.24 PPM (source: Elysium database


Buff Thunderfury procrate to 25%.

Correct information

25% procrate.

I will borrow some info from nost forums, courtesy of Zetox:

Timeline for Proc Chance

Patch 1.8.4

December 17-22, 2005 – Multiple Poster’s talking about 15% and 18% Static Proc Chance, with additional confirmation of the Half Proc Rate. Plus nerf outrage Q1. “half procrate” Q2. “the rogue I know with it tested it and said it was around 15% for him” Q3. “Proc rate is nerfed to 18%. I tested a lot of swings.” Q4. “The weapon is completely not worth the money now…I’m banking mine. Waste of time” []

Important Note: This post starts continuous theme you’ll see throughout the timeline where Thunderfury is Nerfed and Buffed between Patches, but then officially announced later.

Patch 1.9

Jan 2,2006– (day before patch) – Thunderfury Proc Rate Nerfed, and Cannot Proc off itself and other damage effects ( poisons, trinkets, enchants etc). Q. “Actual proc-rate are not lowered, except on Thunderfury…..they changed it so that On Next Swing abilities don’t have a chance to proc twice on hit (like they do now), and so that you can’t proc off a proc.” []

Feb 2, 2006

– Extremely useful post – 30% Proc to 15% and Nerf Outrage Confirmation from Community Q1. ” still had a 30% proc rate (compared to it's 15% now). Pg1 Q2. “thunderfury is now pretty useless.. Or maybe the 20+ page thread of people complaining about it and how it's now a former shell of what it used to be is wrong and you're the only person who knows right? Why don't you go correct the hundreds of people on the WoW forums who have done the math, posted there recap logs to back it up, and know for a fact that TF is now gimp.” Pg1 Q3. “the tripple nerfing it got was too far though and ruined the weapon. Just changing it to not proc off procs would have been enough to make it still worthy of the orange name.” pg2 []

Patch 1.10.1

April 16 – Cites 19% auto attack Proc Chance – CTRL + F “actual proc rate” to find Q:“actual proc rate is around 19% on auto attack” []

Patch 1.11.2

August 8 – Threat Theory Crafter Cites 20% proc rate Q: “TF proc is (300+241)*1.45 = 783 agro with a 20% proc rate.” []

Patch 1.12

August 31 – Cites changes in proc rate from 5.2 hits per proc(19%) to 4.3 (23%) (2700 attack iteration) Q: “Prior to 1.12, Procwatch was giving me a TF "hits per proc" of around 5.2. Currently, with something like 2700 attacks, it's giving me a "hits per proc" of 4.3. Anyone else seeing an increase in proc rate? Or have I just been either lucky since the patch, or unlucky previous to it. :)” []

November 17 - 2015

– Cites going off about 20-25% of attacks. Now we can see the 25% during the middle of the 1.12 Patch. (Search Dunamis to find his post at the bottom of the page) Q: “going off about 20-25% of attacks.” []

Note: Here you are starting to see the 25% proc more commonly.

WoWWiki – Cites ‘the proc effect has been observed to be approximately 20-25%. Q: [,_Blessed_Blade_of_the_Windseeker?oldid=388455]


Buff Thunderfury to 25% procrate - that it should have.

The important thing here to note is that since the weapon was never emulated in the strongest state nor did Nostalrius have the intention to do so, they choose to not emulate it's worst state.

Suggested Fix (setting PPM to make weapon 25% procrate)

UPDATE item_template SET spellppmRate_1 = 7.8945 WHERE entry = 19019;

Anathema New Other 6
Phasing causes unobtainable mining and herbalism nodes.

#288 submitted the 2016/12/22 - Last updated the 2017/03/26

Bugged information

Severity: Low

Mining and Herbalism nodes cannot be reached because the server changes "phases" and the node disappears.

Example: As of 12:34 AM (PST -8) December 22nd, 2016, if you log onto the Nostalrius PvP and run to (35.0, 25.5) in Durotar (Or run west out of Orgrimmar and then swim down the river with the Find Minerals buff on you will notice a Copper Vein in Durotar up on some rocks. Sadly, this Copper Vein cannot be mined because as you run closer to the vein you "phase" and the node disappears.

Correct information

All mining and herbalism nodes should be accessible.

In my opinion, the "correct/easiest" solution to program would be to make sure mining and herbalism nodes do not spawn outside of the boundaries of a phase. To reiterate, the phase that contains the terrain that a node spawns on should be the only phase that can spawn a node on that terrain.

Anathema WIP Mage 67
I can not talk in chat

#628 submitted the 2016/12/29 - Last updated the 2017/03/15

Bugged information

I can't talk, and I have no idea why? can help me pls?

Correct information

If I could talk, the behavior would be corrected

Zeth'Kur WIP Druid Warrior 5
Charge ends up facing wrong direction

#2162 submitted the 2017/01/30 - Last updated the 2017/04/21

Bugged information

From time to time (like 20-30%) charging onto an opponent (npc or enemy player) ends up facing in the wrong direction. Occurs on intercept as well. It also might land you somewhere but not at meleerange of the target.

Correct information

Charge/Intercept should end with facing the enemy

Elysium New Hunter 5
Takk the Leaper

#2940 submitted the 2017/02/17 - Last updated the 2017/04/22

Bugged information

Takk the Leaper, the rare elite raptor, has a normal pursuit speed unlike the Vanilla retail and Nost version.

Correct information

Takk the Leaper should have super fast pursuit speed like it did in Vanilla retail and Nostalrius until patch 1.9

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