The Future of Zeth'Kur

Dear Zeth’Kur Community, While server population has a natural ebb and flow with content release, Zeth’Kur’s population has diminished to the point that the playing experience is being affected. Delivering a quality playing experience for all players is our number one goal. To ensure that this is the case for the Zeth’kur population, we are: **Opening transfers from Zeth’Kur to:** * Anathema (PvP Patch 1.9 — AQ) * Elysium (PvP Patch 1.3 — Same as Zeth’Kur) * Darrowshire (PvE Patch 1.6 — BWL. You have to manually flag to have world PvP) When is this going to happen?https://forum.elysium-project.org/topic/44198-the-future-of-zethkur/?do=edit# Before we can provide a hard timeline we will need to resolve several technical challenges, not the least of which is ensuring the destination server’s performance is not negatively impacted by an increase in population. Select members of the development team will spend the coming weeks working on this project to ensure a smooth transition. **Can I split characters on an account?** No. All characters on an account will transfer from Zeth’kur to the same destination server. For example you will not be able to send some to Anathema and others to Elysium. **What happens if I do not choose?** If you do not choose a destination server, your characters will be moved to Elysium. You will need to ensure there are enough free character slots on the destination server (10 characters max per account per server), **as we will not be able to assist you in finding lost characters due to the slots being full.** As additional details are finalized we will keep the community updated.

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