Zeth'Kur Migration: Transfers Begin!

Dear Community, **Zeth'Kur will close on June, 21st! ** Until then, you can choose the new home realm for your characters. You can do so by visiting any capital city and talking to the NPC's at the caravan located near the auction house. This NPC will provide you with some information regarding each realm and he will offer you quests for each realm, which will determine where your character will be transferred. This process has to be repeated for each character. After you choose your new realm, you can still keep on playing with your characters and no progress will be lost. The transfers will happen right after the shutdown! Please ensure to have enough free character spaces. All other characters will be transferred to Anathema by default, thus you do not need to do anything (or be online) if you want to transfer your characters to this realm. The transfers are permanent, so please decide wisely! Frequently Asked Question (FAQ): **What will happen to my transferred characters if their name is already taken?** You will be prompted for a name change when trying to login with the transferred character. If you have reserved your name with a, for example, lvl 1 character, you should remove this one after the transfer has been completed, but before you login with the transferred character, in order to claim the name. **What will happen to my characters if I end up with more than 10 characters on a realm? Will they get removed?** No, they won't get removed. You can, theoretically, have an infinite amount of characters on a realm, but the WoW client will simply display the first 10 characters. This means that you would simply have to delete some characters, in order to see the transferred ones. A relog (or rejoining the character screen) might be necessary though. **Will my items and gold get transferred?** Yes! All of your items and gold will get transferred. Just make sure to close all active auctions. Best regards, Elysium staff

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