Naxxramas Public Test Announcement

Greetings! Our team has been working hard to prepare for the release of the most exclusive World of Warcraft raid that has ever been released, Naxxramas. Less than 1% of the active player base during the end of vanilla killed Kel’Thuzad. For many players, including myself, the dream of finally seeing and clearing Naxx40 has been a long time coming. That dream is taking one giant step forward to reality.

The Naxxramas Public Test will officially begin on JULY 12th, 2017.

Naxxramas is a large instance featuring 15 bosses with a significant amount of trash. The most incredible thing about the instance is the diversity of boss encounters that reward highly coordinated and prepared players. In order to make sure the instance is as close to a retail-like experience as possible, we need a lot of focused and intelligent feedback. To accomplish this, we have developed a strategy to maximize player feedback and maintain the integrity of the raid.

The PTR will feature a transferred database from Anathema and every guild is invited to join the PTR to test. There will be an automated limitation on the amount of time a guild will be able to spend on each boss. The testing will focus on one wing at a time, beginning with the Spider Wing. We will provide a vendor for consumables and may, at various times, include other vendors to test set bonuses and quests.

We expect every guild participating in the PTR to record their raid in some form and provide detailed and cited reports on their experiences and any issues they may encounter. As the PTR progresses, we may limit the ability for some guilds to test further if we have found no evidence of their participation in the testing feedback. We currently plan to limit the testing of the most difficult encounters to a small handful of guilds who have provided the highest quality feedback.

Each test session will be short in order to allow our team to fix and iterate on the encounters quickly and speed up our feedback loop. We will also rotate the days of the week each session will be open to allow the maximum number of guilds the opportunity to provide feedback. The first PTR schedule will be as follows:

Spider Wing Test Schedule

OPEN — July 12th, 13th (Wed & Thurs)

CLOSED — July 14th, 15th (Fri & Sat)

OPEN — July 16th, 17th (Sun & Mon)

When Naxxramas is released, it will be released in full with all bosses available. We currently have no plans to significantly buff specific encounters to artificially inflate its difficulty because we believe the retail-like difficulty of the instance will bring the intended challenge. Thanks in advance to all the guilds who will volunteer their time to help the Elysium Project deliver the best Naxxramas experience possible.

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