BWL 1.6 on Elysium, Patch 1.10 on Anathema, Patch 1.8 on Darrowshire, Naxxramas PTR

Dear community, We are very excited to announce these upcoming updates for our realms! **Scourge Invasion & Naxxramas Patch 1.12 PTR — July 12th (next mainteance):** * The Naxxramas raid will be available for testing * Light Hope's Chapel quest hub revamp * Various PVP rewards will be updated * Check this out for more details: https://forum.elysium-project.org/topic/49341-naxxramas-public-test-announcement **Anathema (Patch 1.10) — July 12th (next maintenance):** * T0.5 Items and Questline * Many items were updated and new ones added to Stratholme, Scholomance, UBRS, LBRS etc. * Increased reputation gain in Warsong Gulch and Arathi Basin * Minor bug fixes and changes **Elysium (Patch 1.6 — "Assault on Blackwing Lair") — July 19th:** * The Blackwing Lair raid will be opened * Bindings of the Windseeker will be available * The Darkmoon Faire will be opened * Various PVP rewards will be updated **Darrowshire (Patch 1.8 — "Dragons of Nightmare") — July 26th:** * 4 new world bosses will be available: Emeriss, Lethon, Taerar, Ysondre * A full list of all recent server updates and more details for the "1.12 PTR" realm will be posted in the upcoming days. Stay tuned! Best regards, Elysium Staff

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