Naxxramas PTR opening for further testing

Dear players, The Naxxaramas PTR will be open for testing on the 14th August 2017 at 18:00 server time (6PM). Our development team since the last testing session have been working non-stop to ensure the quality of Naxxaramas, and to that end; ALL wings will be opened up for players to test. Please read the following information regarding this weeks testing period: * Players will be able to create level 60 characters. * Anathema, Darrowshire and Elysium are invited to test. * In Orgrimmar and Ironforge, you will find an NPC who will give you consumables, frost resistance gear, various raid gear and enchants. This NPC will be located where you teleport to after speaking to the Teleport-NPC which is described below. * There will be a Teleport-NPC located in all starting areas to get you to Orgrimmar or Ironforge. This NPC will allow you to be directly teleported to Naxxaramas, as well as other locations in Azeroth, in order to test the 'Scourge Event' which will be added to the PTR during the next few weeks. * Initially, we want feedback on all parts of Naxxramas. Once we have enough feedback on a certain wing or boss we may close these sections. This is so we can focus testing on other areas so our developers can start working and gaining more feedback on the wings where it's most needed. They will then be re-opened for testing once issues have been resolved. * Each boss in Naxxramas will despawn 30 minutes after being pulled. This should provide enough time to locate any bugs. If we find that more time is needed, we will make the appropriate changes. * GM's and testers will be available throughout the testing period. They will be able to assist you with problems that may arise during this time. * Players are kindly asked that if they can, to record their runs and if you encounter a bug or problem, post them on the Naxxaramas testing page located on Github using this link: Note: Any bugs, recorded on video or not are to be posted here. https://github.com/elysium-project/naxxramas_ptr_feedback/issues Regards, Elysium Staff.

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