The Journey doesn't end here!

Greetings adventurers,

For awhile now, we have been giving slight hints to our plans in the future and are now at a place where we can give more concrete details.

The Burning Crusade has been a hot topic for our players for some time, and we have heard your calls. We want to provide you with information regarding this new update within our team, and deliver our future plans to our long lasting player-base and our supporters. Elysium and Crestfall staff are now looking at how best to progress our servers to TBC and to ensure we have looked at all available options to ensure the best Burning Crusade experience possible.

Current information

- Currently, we do not have an ETA, more information will be provided as soon as possible in regards to when the TBC realms will be available to players. - TBC will use different resources and will not impact the bug fixing/content polishing of our existing realms. - Once the server is live, Anathema players will be the first to transfer across. - Characters will be copied like the PTR realm. When your server is able to proceed to TBC, your characters will automatically be copied over. - The existing realms will not close, and all characters will remain on their respective realms as well as being copied to the new TBC realm. - TBC will be released in stages to ensure quality is paramount. We will have Alpha and Beta stages. - If you have any questions, please take part in our next Q&A session where we should have a bit more information. Check this out. - Once we have more information we will publish the information for you all to see.

So, Anathema players... Grab your gear and prepare yourselves! The Dark Portal awaits.

Best regards, Elysium staff

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