Nighthaven PvP — New fast-paced progression realm

The Elysium team is proud to announce our newest fresh realm: Nighthaven PvP Nighthaven is going to be a fast-paced progression realm, starting on version 1.2. Fast-paced progression means that it will take far less than one year to progress from versions 1.2 to 1.12.1 (the exact timeline will be published soon). Additionally, the realm will be featuring progression through expansion. This means once 1.12.1 is launched, the preparation for a transition to TBC will begin! — As mentioned above, the initial version will be 1.2 with all that entails. — The raids available at launch will be Molten Core and Onyxia's lair. — All characters from the Nighthaven PvP will continue to play on Elysium's TBC realm! — Battlegrounds will not be available at launch due to patch progress. Until patch 1.5, there were no Battlegrounds available on retail, so players will able to experience World PvP stage of the game in its full glory. — Experience, gold, and loot gains will be the standard Blizzlike 1x. Nighthaven will be the first World of Warcraft server in emulation history to begin with fully functioning and accurate raids, dungeons, questing, and scripting. Whether you are a fan of the Elysium Project or not, we are proud to share this achievement with the community. We have all come a long way since the early days of emulation, and are excited to see the most authentic fresh realm to date. The server will be launching this Sunday, November 5th. The servers will open at 16:00 GMT+1. As for Elysium, Anathema, and Darrowshire; they will all 3 be merged into one server named Stratholme PvP. All the progress of your characters on these realms will be saved. Name priority will be as follows: Anathema > Elysium > Darrowshire. Stratholme will be running on 1.12.1 indefinitely, and will not reset or shut down. At some point will be able to progress to TBC. That concludes our announcement. Remember that no matter what is thrown at us, nor what we throw at ourself, your progress will always be saved, and you will always have somewhere to play. Sincerely, Elysium Staff

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