Farm the Eggs!

Dear players,

This Easter weekend (March 31 – April 2) we encourage you to take a break from farming gold and Farm the Eggs instead! Egg farming won't be easy—eggs will be in the most dangerous and popular PvP locations, and your death will result in the loss of any eggs you've collected. Why should you bother farming at all, you ask? During the event egg collecting NPCs will be in the capital cities, waiting to exchange your eggs for rewards. Note that not all eggs will be exchangeable. Some may have magical effects, and others are just plain rotten.

Players should also note that the Easter Bunny has already registered his displeasure with players collecting his carefully hidden eggs. Druids throughout Azeroth have been hearing whispers amongst the animals of plans for Bunny Invasions into cities over the weekend. If faction battles didn't make your egg farming difficult enough already, you may be required to battle rabbits to get to the Egg Collectors, too.

Farm the Eggs!"

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