Character Restoration & TBC Open Beta

IMPORTANT NEWS: Merge of Elysium PVP & Darrowshire Characters!

We\'ve confirmed the merging of our previous server characters, Elysium & Darrowshire, into Nighthaven! We will have a date for you shortly!

Every merged character will receive a forced name change.

For further information please visit this thread.

The following limitations will be applied to each transferred account:

  • Guild Banks must contact Elysium Staff members Rain, Shenna or Crogge to discuss importing certain items and the expected limitations.
  • High value raid and crafting materials will be a limited amount per character once the merge has started final numbers will be posted.


Almost 2 weeks ago now, we launched our TBC beta realm and invited the top guilds on Nighthaven to help us test. We received an astounding amount of bug reports and feedback — we have since made some major changes. Thank you again to everyone who has been involved thus far! We look forward to a great TBC launch at the end of 2018 / start of 2019.

Elysium\'s TBC Beta is now open to the public for testing! Please head over and follow our Discord for the vital information on submitting bug reports, how to create a TBC account as well as anything else you may need for testing purposes! Please keep in mind that this IS a beta.

Although we are nearly complete in our development of the realm, there may be some bugs for you to report. At the end of 2018, once Nighthaven has had enough time to progress through Naxxramas, we will open the dark portal for all Nighthaven characters to transfer to the TBC LIVE realm. Nighthaven will STAY vanilla!

You can create an account here: TBC Beta account creation


Nighthaven players: Prepare yourself for Patch 1.8 Dragons of Nightmare, Coming this July 8th!

Some new mounts and companions have been added, such as:

Snow Cub (Vanity Pet).
The thick snow near Dun Morogh acts as camouflage for snow cubs learning to hunt.

Reins of the Nightwatch Wolf (Mount)
One of the six Direwolf pups found by the children of House Stark own Ghost today.

Shadow Stag & White Unicorn (Mounts)
Tired of walking? Level for level, meter for meter. Then this is what you need!

A mount for level 1 with 0% speed! (Normal running speed)


The recent hardware changes (June 30,evening) are expected to improve some the the latency our non-EU players have been experiencing.

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Character Restoration & TBC Open Beta"

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