Important Update Announcement

Greetings players!

The Elysium Staff would like to present major changes regarding the future of the project.

Elysium Team Restructure

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the departure of our two server Administrators, Crogge & Shenna.

Elysium was founded by Shenna (amongst others), and shortly thereafter, Crogge joined the project to assist in System Administration. Over time, Shenna and Crogge, along with their team, built Elysium into one of the most successful servers in WoW private server history.

They will be leaving the project immediately, and permanently. This decision was not made lightly, but they felt it was for the best interest of the project if it was handed over to a new, capable and experienced administration team.

We are pleased to announce our new Administrator to the Elysium Project!

Our previous GM Lead Rain will now be overseeing Elysium Project as a whole. In retrospect, he has been one of the most critical components in running such a successful server as Nighthaven, and, as a staff and community, we are more than appreciative to have him as our Administrator.

Rain has been with Elysium for 2 years, and was one of the founding team members. He is committed to maintaining the direction that Elysium has built its foundation on, and would like to assure everyone that this will be a seamless transition.

Along with this change, we are also opening our team applications. We are currently taking applications for Marketing and Community Manager team as well as our Q&A team (see below!)

New Development Team

We are thrilled to annouce the addition of a new Development Team to the project. These professional game developers will be focused on fixing current bugs, as well as updating our anti-cheat system to combat the evolving techniques of spammers and hackers on our server.

Furthermore, in order to make this process most efficient, we have opened positions for new Q&A testers which will work at discovering in game bugs, and verifying fixes applied by the developers.

The Q&A application can be found HERE

Burning Crusade Update

As we advance closer to our Burning Crusade expansion launch, the excitement is building! With our new Dev team, we're shifting more resources to TBC completion. This will be one of (if not THE) best TBC core in the wow private server world.

We receive daily inquiries regarding the TBC launch date. As our developers work towards a finished product, we’ll keep everyone updated! The bug reports and testing from the TBC testers has been incredibly valuable. Thank you!

In Conclusion

A big thank you to Crogge and Shenna for their dedication to the project over the years. Your countless hours of work have been integral to the private server scene.


Many thanks to our community of gamers and kindest regards,

Elysium Staff

Important Update Announcement"

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