Thank you all for voting this week on the new Vanilla realm we will be launching on March 30th! Here are the results:

EXP Rate: x1 Blizzlike EXP

Battlegrounds: All BGs open at launch (AB/AV/WSG) - We have made changes to the queue system to correct issues from Nighthaven. Hopefully these issues will be fixed.

Raid Dungeons: MC/Ony/BWL Open upon launch

Patch Progression: Fast paced. Same as Nighthaven (Approximately 1 year to complete all content). Timeline to be released soon.

PVP Gear: Update @ Patch 1.7

Riding Costs/Training: 900g @ Start of realm for training. Mounts BOP. (Originally this is released in 1.12)

We appreciate everyone's conversation while determining the best fit for the next realm launch. Our decision to not run a increased XP realm was a tough one, as the poll was very evenly tied. However the main points to avoid increased EXP were:

Increased EXP allows certain illegal activities to become easier, such as:
Account selling, which comes from:
Multibox grinding
Gold Farming
Increased levels at a quicker pace allow higher grade mats, crafting, and profession related gold farming to be easier
We have always been a Blizzlike realm, and wish to maintain that identity
x1 rate allows for a longer term of time on our realms. Although there is Classic launching in 4/5 months, and our TBC realm in Q2, we do want this realm to be a long term realm that people will invest time in. Whether Classic is all its made up to be or not, we want a fresh experience for players going into 2019.
To make up for the potential time constraints for some players going into Classic, we wanted to launch the realm with open BGs, raids at a quicker pace, and tedious patch changes (such as mount costs) at an earlier stage in the server progression than previously done.

Again, thanks all for your continued support of Elysium. We're all very thankful for you playing here - and we're looking forward to our latest launch on March 30th!

Rain (and the lead team).


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