Important! TBC Release Announcement, timeline inside!

Greetings Travelers! We are pleased to announce our timeline for the release of TBC!

Here is our timeline:

- August 8th - Realms go down to merge databases.

- August 9th - Elysium TBC realm is offically launched.

- August 11th - Dark portal is enabled and characters gain expereince past level 60.


Be on the lookout for demon invasions happening on our vanilla realms as we approach launch date!


There have been some questions about XP tokens we want to discuss:

- Players will not be able to recieve tokens on TBC characters for a bit of time while the levelling contest is running. This will be enabled likely 4 weeks after launch.

- Players who are copied with an XP token already existing will be fully functional in TBC. However, they will not work past level 60.

- XP token durations will remain the same as they were at the time they were copied.


Stay tuned for more updates! As always the most up to date information is available on our discord, link in my signature below!

Important! TBC Release Announcement, timeline inside!"

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