Elysium Stress Test #2 — Enhanced Performance

It's time for the second stress test!

This Sunday, November 27th at 6 PM GMT+1, we will be testing our upgraded hardware. We were very pleased with the last test, and expect this one to be even better. All characters and accounts from the last stress test have been wiped as we are also stress testing the web server, and so you will need to create new accounts. The sign-up link can be found here:


We're hoping to get more players for this test so that we can really push the core to it's limits! The closer we come to crashing, the better our launch time stability will be.

You all did a very good job with spreading throughout the world, and we ask you to do so again! It doesn't matter how strong the hardware is, the lag that comes from having 1,000 players in one zone is exponential. So for that reason, we ask you to once again do your best to run to as many zones as possible. In order to create incentive, we will be spawning some large creatures in designated places to see which group can kill them first! The creatures and their locations will be provided at the time of the stress test.

We want to thank everyone for your continued interest, patience, and willingness to help us with these tests. We are as excited as you are to get the new servers up and running, and to reunite you with your characters. Expect to hear from us about a release date some time during the week following the second stress tests completion!