Change Your Password! Frequent Hacks Occurring

Another private server (we have suspicions as to which, but nothing concrete) has had their password database leaked or sold. What this means, is that if you used a password on that server and also use it on Elysium, your account WILL get hacked. Today 10 players were hacked because they used the same info on Elysium as they used on other servers. The only way to assure your safety is to change your password IMMEDIATELY. Please use a 100% unique password on our server.

Rest assured that our database has not been touched and is completely safe and encrypted. These hackings have only occurred because the victims used the same login/password on multiple servers. The individuals who hacked the accounts has been found and everything he stole has been frozen. We will continue to combat such things in any way we can, but there is no way we can combat players leaving their accounts insecure!

tl;dr - Use a unique password or you might lose everything!

Keep Vigilant,
Elysium Staff

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