They have defeated — no, rather, killed — Nostalrius.

Although we are a competing server, this wasn't met with glee or joy at all. We're sad and even a bit angry at Blizzard, actually. However, no one can actually destroy Nostalrius' legacy - not any time soon. Neither Valkyrie nor Kronos nor other vanilla WoW servers will back down - we'll keep going on. We're in the business of making Blizzard realize with dismay that the best WoW - the TRUE WoW - was vanilla back in 2006. Vanilla is here to stay, and so are we. Valkyrie-WoW administration sends their condolences to Nostalrius' players and wishes to congratulate Nost's team for a job well done.

If Nost's account database goes public, we will be happy to offer free transfer to our server without losing any in-game progress. We're always here to help those who wish to return to World of Warcraft once again.

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