Two-Factor Authentication & Fighting The Good Fight

Dear Community, Tomorrow marks our first major event of 2017! Since our project began, the community has voiced their desire for a fresh realm. Tomorrow, January 7th, we will be launching the Elysium PvP realm at 6:00 PM GMT+1. We hope you are all as excited as we are! There has been a lot of discussion lately about hacked accounts and gold selling. As a result, we have developed some new tools to help combat these issues. **Two-Factor Authentication** As the first vanilla legacy server to use 2FA we feel it will not only protect countless accounts from hackers, but is also a big step in the direction of establishing legitimacy. Now, let’s get into the details of how the system will work. You can enable one of the two following solutions: * IP Lock with authenticator: if you log in from an IP that is different from the last one you used to connect to the game, you will have to enter a verification code. * Always use authenticator: you will always have to enter a verification code on login. Both solutions work for web and game authentication. In order to enable (or disable) a two-factor authentication solution, you will have to confirm it through an email. We know there have been issues in the past with our web servers reaching the allotted amount of emails we can send certain providers such as Yahoo and Hotmail. Because of this, **we ask that you be patient in waiting for the confirmation emails and only retry them once an hour*. While this authentication will be optional, we **strongly** advise that you keep it enabled at all times. With the protection offered by 2FA in conjunction with having a strong, unique account name and password, your account is impenetrable. To add to that, you can also change your password regularly. **Fighting the Good Fight** As you know, we have a zero tolerance policy on gold selling and buying which means that once caught, you will have your account permanently banned. We will not apply a lighter sanction, as it would encourage such poor behavior. We will always continue to combat gold sellers to the best of our ability. However, the only guaranteed way to stop gold sellers in their tracks is to stop buying. **As long as there are buyers, there will be sellers which come from all over the world despite popular belief.** As we enhance our tools, gold buyers and sellers will become less and less common. We are just getting started in this war, and we would like to share our first numbers: **In the last 10 days, over 2,700 gold buyers and sellers have been banned. This has removed nearly 700,000 gold as a result.** It is important to note that the leaked goldseller database contained 1,100 names from Elysium. Of those 1,100 names, more than 90% were already investigated and banned prior to the leak. Of these 2700 bans, there have been countless ban appeals and **only 2 bans turned out to be a false positive**. The gold sellers will no doubt explain that they have some convoluted method to securely transfer you the money. They are lying or we are not onto them, yet. Either way, you are paying them money to eventually ban your account. There has been some talk on social media and in-game that these gold companies are attempting to DDoS us in retaliation for denying them. Our hosting providers are very good, but a 1,000 GB/s DDoS attack is not something any provider is going to be able to handle. However, these attacks are a double edge sword. They are very expensive to maintain, and the majority of their threat lies in scaring their targets. Too put it bluntly, we are not scared, and we are not going to stop hammering them from all angles. If the community bands together to put an end to buying gold on their end, and we continue to deny these sellers wherever possible, we will bleed them dry of resources. It is our goal to leave them no option but to give up and move on to prey that doesn’t bite back. In the end, the message is simple: Gold. Not even once.

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