Legacy Gaming Network — A New Chapter Begins...

Greetings Elysium Community,

We have some great news to share with you, but here’s a brief emulation history lesson first!

Vanilla WoW was first released in 2004, and it’s now been more than 10 years since official support has ended. After these 10 years, the WoW emulation community has been unable to deliver (in totality) the same finalized product that took Blizzard 5 years to develop. This is despite all of the passion and dedication of multiple development teams.

So what has caused such a delay in finalizing a stable, and accurate, WoW emulator? Initially, each team was developing its own core privately, and closely guarded its secrets. This caused individual development teams to work separately, rather than together for one goal. Often projects would shut down, and that hard work would be lost.

Everyone tried to keep up with Blizzard’s timeline, but things weren’t done properly. Developers started working on Vanilla, then, without finishing, jumped straight into working on TBC. Then moved on to WoTLK, etc — and the cycle of leaving unfinished projects behind continued.

Additionally, some projects were driven by ideology, while others endeavored to profit from illegal game servers.

For the past 10 years, many projects have been selfish and cared only about their own survival. Developers drove players into flame wars on message boards, stole other team’s code and hid their own, and launched DDoS attacks on rival servers.

The emulation scene is as competitive, combative, and selfish as it was back then. Despite their passion for coding and development, no open-source project has succeeded, while commercial projects continue to divide the community, driven by their financial interest.

However, the winds are changing. Right now, emulation isn’t about “playing WoW for free” like it was 10 years ago, but more about restoring a Vanilla WoW experience that no longer exists. After Nostalrius shut down, new developers who’ve never had anything to do with WoW servers before became interested in the emulation cause.

Ideologically, we’re in an incredible spot. We have community support, we have dedicated fans and developers, and we have a strong working team to finish what we have started.

Which brings us to our big announcement today:

The Elysium Project will be joining forces with the team over at Crestfall to combine our efforts and finalize development of Legacy WoW!

From this point on we will be sharing our passion, experience, developmental, administrative and marketing assets in order to share and grow our community.

Combining our team’s experience in data security will help us protect our work from the constant threat of hack attempts from other projects and various interests.

This collaboration will deliver to you, our dedicated community and players, the experience you have been craving for the past decade: stable gaming servers that will stand the test of time, without the fear of having to transfer characters around or start from scratch.

Together we hope to set an example for other projects, and hopefully the wars amongst the community will finally be over.

We cannot stress this enough: we're not in this for money or fame. All we want is to deliver an amazing legacy experience. This may include, down the road, having dedicated teams for each expansion of the game.

We’ve had the support of our players for many years, and now is the time for the WoW development community to step up, bury the hatchet, and get to work — together.


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