Legacy Gaming Network — Frequently Asked Questions

**Q: What is the Legacy Gaming Network?** A: The Legacy Gaming Network is a joint development effort established by the Crestfall, Elysium, and Legacy Crusade projects. It was seeded by the powerful concept of putting aside our differences, and working together for the mutual and community-wide benefit to provide legacy fans with the highest quality experience. **Q: What does this mean? What exactly is happening?** A: Each of these will be covered in more depth below, but this is a brief overview. From a player perspective, little is changing. Each realm is still going to operate according to its’ own principles with no major deviations from the current plans. From a staffing perspective, a few things are changing. Asura, Lead Developer for Crestfall, is additionally taking over as the development lead for the Elysium project, in cooperation with Elysium’s current head of development, Yaga. While Asura’s primary focus is still on the Benediction core, he will be working with the Elysium development staff to advise and coordinate their progress in improving and maintaining the Anathema core in the short to medium term. Crogge will take on System Administration responsibilities for the entire network, working to improve and maintain the hardware and security infrastructure of all projects. Shenna is assuming a leading frontend position and will be responsible for overseeing the network’s organizational structure. Both teams will enjoy more open and transparent communications for the purpose of sharing advice, resources, and information. Once Benediction is finished, and if it is determined to be desirable and safe to do so, it will be rolled out to the Elysium realms and development of Anathema will cease. **Q: What is the Benediction core, and why is the Legacy Network intent on using it for all projects?** A: The Benediction core is being developed by the Crestfall team to run their progressive realms. Although the Anathema core (currently in use on Elysium realms, and differing from the Nostalrius core, use of which has been discontinued) is player-ready right now, the Benediction core, when finished, will be far more advanced. Once the Benediction core is ready, we will determine whether or not it is desirable, and safe (regarding fidelity of data), to transition all existing realms on the network to it. This is our preferred plan, since it cuts down on the number of codebases that we would need to maintain. **Q: Who approached who regarding this new joint venture?** A: This came as a result of mutual conversation between the administrative staff of both projects, who have been on friendly terms for months. If you insist on putting a name to it, it was Asura who made the initial suggestion, but all parties have been deeply involved in moving the conversation forward. **Q: Does this mean the teams will also align their philosophies? (E.g. VPN bans, PvE servers, population caps etc.)** A: No. Each project’s management team will continue to remain independent entities when it comes to how they run and regulate their realms. In effect, while all realms in the network are shared assets, each team retains veto power over the operations of their original realm. One of the goals of our cooperation is to make sure that the actions of one project won’t have a negative effect on the other partners. **Q: Will CM/GM staff be interconnected as well?** A: No, the staff of each project will continue to manage their respective communities. However, there is a roundtable in the network consisting of Head GMs and CMs from each realm for the purpose of sharing information and advice. **Q: Is the "Legacy Network" eventually going to have its own website?** A: Yes, we should have a functional website available shortly. **Q: Will the current websites for each project be merged?** A: No, each project will continue to maintain it’s own community pages, forums, and social media. **Q: Why Crestfall and Elysium.. Why not Twinstar, or any other realm?** A: The administrative staff at Crestfall and Elysium have been having constructive and friendly communications for a long time. This partnership grew naturally out of that friendship. **Q: What other projects are you considering adding in the long run?** A: We would like to continue development of the Benediction core and eventually bring a Wrath of the Lich King server, a Cataclysm server, and potentially future expansions, into the network as well. Right now we feel it is very early to begin negotiations with other realms. We believe it is wiser to hammer out one partnership and get some experience in the process before bringing in additional parties. This is still a very young agreement, and we have a lot to learn. There is also an insistence that no commercial projects will be allowed into the network, so we will investigate potential future partners thoroughly before inviting anyone. The possibility also exists of inviting reputable developers or other staff to join the network in whatever capacity they choose, though we will not attempt to “poach” from active projects as a matter of common courtesy. **Q: Can we expect to be able to copy existing level 60 characters to TBC realms when they become available?** A: For the foreseeable future, no. Crestfall is meant to produce the PTE experience of playing through multiple expansions, whereas Elysium and Legacy Crusade are meant specifically for their versions. Perhaps at some point in the future this could become possible, but as this would have far-reaching effects on the economies of partner projects, it is not currently being considered. Specifics are still being discussed, but there is a higher probability of allowing one-way transfers from the progression realm to a single-expansion realm for players who only want to progress to a certain point and no farther. One of the founding principles of the network is to provide distinct options for PTE and single-expansion play, so any moves which could potentially compromise this will have to be very carefully considered. **Q: Did Elysium bring CF on because they lack developers?** A: No, Elysium has had a strong development team since inception. This is a partnership, not recruitment to fill empty space. The development teams will be co-ordinating to share advice and information, not working directly on each other’s projects in most cases. **Q: Will there be any delay to Crestfall release due to Asura and Crogge splitting their time between the two projects?** A: Short of something unavoidable, such as a major illness or other unpredictable life event, we don't anticipate any delay. Asura's primary focus is still the Benediction core, and Crestfall is bringing on an additional developer from outside. If anything, the development capacity is increasing, not diminishing. **Q: Crestfall talked about having a vanity shop while Elysium is against it. What's the new stance, if any?** A: All realms in the network will operate on voluntary donations alone unless it becomes a matter of either offering vanity items to generate revenue or shutting down. The Vanity Shop idea was decided on as a last resort option in case donations weren’t enough to pay the bills. **Q: How will the timelines and patch progression of current Elysium servers change with the new Legacy Network?** A: All current Elysium realms will still follow normal patch progression. They will not be moving into future expansions, and will remain as Vanilla content. **Q: Crestfall stated that it was going to release with more challenging content. Will this more difficult content carry over onto the Elysium realms?** A: Changes to the Elysium codebase of that nature would still need to be approved by Elysium administration, and are not currently planned. We will, however, be sharing information and advice in order to improve the accuracy and quality of content on all realms. **Q: What precautions are being taken to make sure neither side can just up and leave with all the research data and source code?** A: As far as leaked or stolen information is concerned, we are taking special care that access to critical assets is carefully restricted, as we consider data security to be of paramount importance. More importantly, we have entered into a partnership, which means there aren't any more "sides". There is a large degree of shared ownership, going both ways. While each project still has it's official owner who coordinates the activities of their staff and determines the direction and vision for the realm in question, the network itself is a shared asset. When one realm gains, we all gain. When one realm loses, we all lose. There is no reason for any of us to think we could do better alone than we can do together.

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