The Future of Legacy, Starts Now!

Dear community, As you know, the private server scene constantly competes with one another with each server having their own personal core and scripting. Sometimes, it doesn’t always end so well and you get the backstabbing that you see today. "People “leaking” cores or scripts, databases, etc..." Today, we are embarking on yet another journey, a journey to set yet another private server first and that is we are going open source with our core. No more hiding behind closed doors. The reason we are doing this is because, for one, it will be a benefit to the community. This will help not only bring the private server developer scene closer, where they can put a commit in to resolve an issue that they may have seen, but it will also bring the players together by not having a “hidden core”. Open source means transparency. Yes, these past few weeks have been, rather tumultuous, and downright vilified, lots of shots and casualties. But now, that stops. By going open source, you will be able to see what we are working on, what items are still to be finalized and the current state of development. This is something we have been discussing internally, with a very select few individual. We have kept this very close to our chests as we wanted to make sure this would be the right move for the legacy community. This was also a part of why LGN was formed, complete transparency with 100% focus on the community and the players. This decision was not made hastily due to recent events. However, the recent core leakage has certainly accelerated this process. We will make legacy servers great again and we will not falter. Open sourcing the core is a radical departure and crucial first step in the evolution of Elysium, with much more to follow Thank you for being ever vigilant and dedicated to our project. As you know recently we reached almost 190k unique players logged into the realms since Feb 1st. That was only the beginning, now, join us for the future of Elysium and Legacy Servers. Thank you again for the support you have given to us over these past few months. We are looking forward to continuing with development and moving towards our goal of building a better future within the legacy community.

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