Relocation of all glorious Elysium Servers to a country with Glorious leadership

We are excited to announce that Elysium have decided to do a full relocation of our servers due to recent events, which will ensure proper protection against possible threats and will fully support the Elysium staff. This will include a full hardware refresh. We are currently using two Intel Xeon E5-2650 CPUs per realm and thus 80 cores / 160 threads in total exclusive for our game servers. Due to trade sanctions, AMD and Intel are unavailable in our target destination, thus we are forming a partnership with the “Moscow Center of SPARC Technologies” (MCST). Obiztek and the Glorious Leader himself approved this decision. Anathema, Elysium and Darrowshire will be running with Glorious quad Russian Elbrus-8S CPUs, giving us 16 physical cores in total. The CPUs are fully x86 compatible and have a performance of 250 Gflops each, giving us 1Tflop per realm. Zeth’kur will be running on a Loongson 2F MIPS CPU and the authentication server will run on a Playstation 2 R5900-based MIPS CPU. Our operating system, Red Star OS, was chosen for its Glorious stability and security, ensuring character data and chat logs are protected from foreign agents. In order to protect against future DDoS attacks by foreign powers, our new hardware will be protected by five silos, housing the latest Hwasong-10 Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles, with a maximum range of 5,500km. In addition to switching to more Glorious hardware, the servers will be running on a new, non-MaNGOS core, written from the ground up and compiled first try in less than 24-hours by Glorious Leader. When asked about the new core, Glorious Leader replied, “vanish works”. As a final touch, for the safety of our community, our all-new anti-spam system will be put into effect next Wednesday. All chat data will be fed through to a purpose-built KPA Military Intelligence supercomputer running state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms, allowing us to rapidly respond to any violations of our terms of use (to be updated shortly). If you haven’t already guessed, our Glorious new location will be: **North Korea**. We are humbled by the support of Glorious Leader as we attempt to bring to you the best vanilla experience. Our new Glorious domain will be http://elysium-project.kp/ and the Glorious realmlist will change to logon.elysium-project.kp after the servers have been transferred. We want to thank everyone, including the previous Elysium staff, for making this possible. The previous staff members have been relieved of their positions and new staff members will be conscripted from the playerbase, with a minimum serving period of ten years. P.S: For today only, players will be rewarded with QUADRUPLE experience, QUADRUPLE gold, and QUADRUPLE the quest rewards. **To activate the bonus, simply jump while accepting a quest.** Additionally, accepting War Effort Quests while jumping will give your turn in for that quest a SEXTUPLE bonus!

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