Development Update 19.04.2017


  • The disconnections caused by having multiple crowd control effects active at same time (e.g. fear and stun) should be fixed. We will continue to monitor the situation for any sign of further issues.
  • Improved health/mana/energy regeneration timings. This should fix an issue where mages were not receiving enough regeneration ticks from Evocation and should improve the accuracy of energy timers for rogues (e.g. EnergyWatch).
  • Fixed an issue where the auction house was not returning all matching results.
  • Players should now be dismounted when entering Booty Bay and when boarding a boat/zeppelin.
  • Clients using non-English clients can now participate in the default channels (e.g. general and trade).
  • When a player uses a soulstone in a battleground, the insignia cursor should not be displayed when hovering your mouse over them.
  • The insignia cursor should no longer be displayed if a player's insignia has already been taken.
  • NPCs should no longer flee from active conversations.
  • You can no longer pull pets with guns without also pulling their masters.
  • Fixed an issue with Warchief's Blessing event timers not resetting correctly.


  • Shield Spikes and Elemental Sharpening Stones are no longer removed by death.
  • Fixed rare occasions where potion regeneration mechanics where resulting in zero HP ticks, caused by rounding down.
  • Fixed issues with consumable cooldowns, allowing Whipper Root Tuber and health potions to be used together.
  • Cat Carrier (White Kitten) is now a limited supply item (one per three hours).

Raids & Dungeons

  • Players killed by NPCs in Alterac Valley can now have their insignias removed.
  • The final Deadmines door should no longer get stuck in a closed state if a rogue attempts to pick it while a player fires the cannon using the blasting powder.
  • Bosses can now detect invisible players (e.g. using an invisibility potion).
  • Lucifron should once again cast Impending Doom.
  • Uldaman has received various improvements that can be viewed in full at
  • Zone-based monster yells (such as from Azuregos) will now also play any associated audio.
  • Garr's adds can no longer resist Massive Eruption.

Classes & Abilities

  • Fixed some issues with shapeshifting items (e.g. Noggenfogger Elixir) being used in conjunction with druid shapeshifting forms.
  • Fixed misc. visual issues with pets having incorrect PvP flags.
  • Improvements to dispel mechanics, including Azuregos's magic reflect shield.
  • Polymorphed creatures will only regenerate 10% of their health per tick rather than a third.
  • Fixed an issue where feral druids were being given incorrect damage boosts from weapons with multiple damage types.
  • Ancient Mana Spring totem should now use the correct spell.
  • Hellfire will no longer ignore immunities.
  • Resists no longer remove Shadow Vulnerability charges.
  • Persistent area auras (Blizzard/RoF/Volley/etc) are no longer affected by the debuff limit.


  • Fixed an issue where if a player placed a quest item in a bank, further items of that type would not drop.
  • Fixed an issue causing players to be unable to accept some repeatable quests (e.g. Chen's Empty Keg).
  • Elemental Charms dropped by Elemental Exiles in Arathi Highlands now work.
  • Corpses should despawn when their associated quest items are used on them.
  • The Naga Brazier for the Vosrsha the Lasher quest now functions correctly.


  • Some creatures incorrectly had gnoll aggro messages assigned to them.
  • Environmental fire damage can now be absorbed or resisted.
  • Stormwind City Patrols should now walk at the correct speed.
  • A number of incorrect guard directions have been updated.
  • Mottled Screecher's emote has been fixed.
  • The Touch of Zanzil debuff will be applied when a player opens the chest associated with the Klaven's Tower quest.

We'd once again like to acknowledge and thank all of the contributors to the project's open source repository for their work.