Development Update 30.08.2017


  • Online players will now gain rested experience inside cities and inns
  • Creatures will no longer appear smaller than they should, eg. Dragons of Nightmare, Molten Core trash, etc.


  • The Dragons of Nightmare event has been reworked
  • Dragons will no longer spawn with incorrect abilities
  • Dragons will now spawn within the proper window, 4-7 days after the last dragon was killed
  • Dragon locations should be properly randomized once more


  • Blackrock Depths Emperor Dagran Thaurissan has built a better rapport with his court, and they will now come to his aid after combat has begun
  • The Deadmines Edwin Van'Cleef has learnt some new lines of speech
  • Wailing Caverns Bosses now play an associated sound effect when they are engaged Naralex will now yell when he awakens


  • The Temple of Ahn'Qiraj Huhuran now randomly targets players for Noxious Poison rather than only casting it on the highest aggro target
  • Azuregos Azuregos' Cleave now only hits one additional player, rather than chaining to nine players
  • Upper Blackrock Spire The Father Flame event now has correct spawn points for Rookery Hatchers and Solakar Flamewreath The first Rookery Hatcher now has speech when the event starts
  • Blackwing Lair Blackwing Technicians will now behave more consistently with regards to aggro and player death


  • It is no longer possible to miss melee attacks against sitting targets
  • A message is now correctly sent to all group members when a group queues for a Battleground
  • Using the /who command inside a Battleground will now only show a list of players inside that Battleground
  • The Warsong Gulch flag respawn time should now be more consistent after being captured



  • Pets with stacking abilities now continue to use their spells at max stacks in order to maintain debuffs rather than letting them fall off before casting again
  • Pets with the 'Screech' ability now correctly generate aggro
  • Pets can no longer be instantly dismissed using script functions


  • Multiple ranks of the same Judgement can no longer be stacked on a single target
  • Judgement of Command now scales base damage depending on whether the target is stunned rather than scaling the bonus damage
  • Judgement of Righteousness now scales at 50% spell power bonus


  • Healthstones can no longer be created if the player has a full inventory


  • Flurry ranks one to four will no longer trigger on ranged attacks


  • Corrected the level requirement for Cuergo's Gold to level 40
  • The Torch of Retribution will now spawn for players again upon accepting the final quest in case they missed it at the first opportunity
  • Quest rewards will no longer sometimes appear twice in a player's chat log
  • The 'Seeking Spiritual Aid' quest and associated event has been improved
  • 'Harlan Needs a Resupply' has received improvements to the event


  • Garran Vimes now offers gossip to players hinting at a quest location
  • Spirit of Kirith now has a shorter spawn duration (no more ghostly lines)
  • The Tarantulas in Redridge Mountains now have a more zone and level appropriate health pool
  • The swimming Theramore Deserter has relocated himself and his cauldron onto dry land. Having a cooking fire in the ocean is not very productive, as it turns out
  • Adjusted the damage and school resistances for Devilsaur monsters
  • Reduced the damage on Engineer Whirleygig, his dagger was too sharp


  • Diamond Flask will now stack with other strength buffs
  • Mighty Rage Potion will now stack with other strength buffs
  • The Jom Gabbar trinket no longer triggers an excessively long cooldown on other similar trinkets
  • Crystal Charge is now usable on all mob types
  • Force Reactive Disk will correctly proc again after the player dies and is resurrected
  • Goblin Jumper Cables can now be used on players that have released their spirit


  • Tabetha's Sign is no longer invisible, it was a bit too spooky even for a witch
  • The API command SpellStopCasting() will now correctly interrupt next-swing melee abilities