Development Update 05.04.2017

Please note, these are the development updates for upcoming maintenance at 11:30am GMT +1, AKA Server Time, 5/4/2017


  • Improvements to the melee leeway mechanics have been made
  • Fixed a bug that was causing negative stats to be displayed in the level up message for some classes
  • Duel mechanics have been substantially improved
  • Trade windows should no longer require spam clicking trade
  • Group leadership should no longer change players when zoning
  • Transports (boats/zeppelins) should now function for Mac users
  • Despawn mechanics have been improved, fixing a number of quest issues involving summoned creatures
  • Fixed a bug that was causing set bonuses to not be applied when swapping gear pieces
  • Players should now be able to walk on water in ghost form after dying inside an instance (Onyxia's Lair, for example)
  • Mountain Lions in Hillsbrad Foothills will no longer be stealthed
  • Skeletons now only immune to the following: Charm, Fear, Sleep, Bleed, Polymorph, Banish
  • Quests that teach the player a spell or ability will no longer display the Samwise placeholder icon (for example, The Affray)
  • Fixed a bug that was causing Argent Dawn Commission to not be applied correctly in some circumstances
  • Shift-clicking quest loot has been fixed


  • Target Dummies should now drop various engineering detritus
  • Linken's Boomerang has had its proc rate adjusted
  • Hand of Justice no longer has an internal cooldown on procs
  • Rogues will no longer dodge or parry their own Bloodfang set bonus proc
  • The priest and mage tier 2 bonus buffs should no longer be displayed as a Samwise placeholder icon on the player's buff list
  • Itemization for Anathema, Elysium and Zeth'kur has been updated to reflect their patch levels

Raids & Dungeons

  • Noxxion's damage school is now nature rather than frost
  • Vaelastrasz's introduction speech timing has been improved
  • Stratholme Postbox have been implemented
  • The Spirit of Zandalar world buff now persists through death

Classes & Abilities

  • Periodic damage spells will no longer consume Improved Shadow Bolt charges
  • Tranquil Air Totem is no longer in French
  • Tauren druids' aquatic form appearance has been fixed
  • Sweeping Strikes and Execute will now do full damage to both targets if both targets are below 20% HP
  • Curse of Recklessness will now remove fear effects
  • Players may now carry multiple ranks of Healthstones in their inventory
  • Blackout will now only proc on shadow damage spells
  • Polymorph health regeneration has been reduced from 33% per tick to 10%
  • Flurry will now reapply itself on the last charge when getting a critical strike
  • Tranquility channeling will no longer be interrupted by a player dying or going out of range of the effect


  • The Warchief's Blessing event has been implemented, granting the 'Warchief's Blessing' buff upon completion
  • Compendium of the Fallen is now available to undead players
  • Extinguishing the Idol's escort has been improved
  • Letter to Stormpike now requires a prequest, Encrypted Letter, to be completed
  • Archmage Xylem's gossip has been made available
  • Fixed a bug where some quests were unable to be completed without abandoning and accepting the quest again (for example, the Blasted Lands consumable quests)
  • A Humble Offering has been disabled on Anathema and any recipients of the reward ring will have the item removed, with an Abyssal Scepter being mailed as a refund
  • Corrected dialogue in Woodland Protector
  • Horde can now accept the Hive in the Tower quest in Silithus
  • Fixed typos in quest dialogues involving Fandral Staghelm
  • Fixed typos in Beer Basted Boar Ribs
  • Fixed typos in Grimtotem Spying


  • A number of corrections to NPC stats and abilities have been made

Open Source

Almost a month ago, now, we announced that Elysium would be going open source. Through all of this, it’s been a wonderful step in the right direction for both the Elysium project, and the legacy movement in general. We wish to continue and reach out our arms to new, aspiring developers as well as veteran developers, to join the Open source community we have established.

We'd like to thank all of our contributors to the open source project for many of the fixes provided below. We've been encouraged by many of the excellent fixes submitted and issues reported and look forwards to continue to work with our community on improving the project.

As a final note, we'll be running Ahn'qiraj testing this weekend with guilds selected from the Anathema application process.