Financial Report: February '17

Greetings Elysium Community,

The time has come once again for Elysium to renew it’s web & server hosting — and we must humbly ask the community for assistance.

Our current hosting is set to expire on the following:

  • Zeth’Kur: Feb 10th
  • Elysium: Feb 20th
  • Anathema: Feb 22nd
  • Darrowshire: Good for the next several months
  • Webhost: Feb 16th (We had to swap to a new Web Host due to several technical issues we were having — previous Webhost donations went towards the purchase of new realms). We received such great support last time we opened donations —we wanted to reach out and thank you once again for contributing to keeping everyone online and able to continue this amazing experience!

You can help to contribute by:

1) The hosting company we are using allows for anyone to directly pay for server hosting. This way, you are able to renew the servers. However, if you use this option, you must pay for the entire month, and not just a portion of it. Go to the OVH and enter machine ID to renew the servers!

  • Zeth'Kur €310/month
  • Elysium €310/month
  • Anathema €310/month

2) Directly to our Paypal account (the link is in the Control Panel).

3) Spreading the word!

Servers should not be paid up for more than 3 months in advance, in case we need to make any changes to the realms with short notice. Once you have completed your donation, please contact Shenna on Forum to update the status of the servers.

Thank you again to everyone who has supported us in the past, and to those who are continuing to support the project every day.

Sincerely, Elysium Staff