Financial Report: Hardware Costs


Many of you have been asking questions about how we are funding the servers. During the stress test, all costs were handled by the staff. However, as launch is approaching, we turn to you for aid.

Until now, we have had a hidden donation link where individuals could donate anonymously if they so wished. However, now we must ask for your help in maintaining the servers. We will always remain free to play, and never offer any sort of donation rewards. But as the project has grown astronomically with the merging of the Nostalrius project, this request has become a regrettable necessity.

We are currently paying over 900 euros a month (620 from servers, plus additional fees for repositories, certificates, security features, etc), and this number will increase to over 1200 euros monthly with the release of the fresh server. We are all volunteers in this project. We have and will continue to contribute our own personal funds towards the hosting, but please understand that we cannot do it alone. We simply do not have the capability of doing so. We would also like to remind you that none of the funds contributed will ever go to an individual. Every cent will go directly to game server or web server upkeep.

If you wish to help us, you have two options.

Option one: The hosting company we are using allows for anyone to directly pay for server hosting. This way, you are able to renew the server. However, if you use this option, you must pay for the entire month, and not just a portion of it.

Option two: If you wish to donate a smaller amount of your choosing, you may contribute to our Web Server Hosting.

How to donate: Simply go to the control panel on our website, log in, and follow the links and instructions.

In this time of need, we want to thank you all for your support and generosity.