New Hardware & Funds

Dear community,

The time has come again for a new donation round, as all the donations from the previous one have been used up and the hardware expires at the end of this month. We are continuing to operate as a non-profit and non-pay2win project, where the server's upkeep relies on donations from the community. The Elysium Staff is also continuing to work in a voluntary capacity.

Due to the acquisition of Cresftall and the TBC announcement, the hardware demands have increased. The new hardware will also significantly improve performance and enable SQL replication (reducing the daily lag).

The donations are needed for the following equipment:

  • OVH MG-128 (SSD + HDD combo + HW RAID): € 300,- per month
  • 2x OVH MG-256 (SSD + HDD comno + HW RAID): 2x € 415,- per month
  • OVH HOST-32H (HW RAID): € 145,- per month
  • Backup server (different host): € 80,- per month
  • Mail server: 57.45 USD
  • Other costs: Domains, GitHub company license and funds for emergencies (in case of machine failure)

In total, the monthly costs are roughly at € 1500,- ! It is important that you do NOT use the OVH Direct links to pay for our current servers - they will be replaced and will no longer be used!

You can donate here: PayPal | Yandex.Money | Bitcoin: 1LPeG1UuMRMwPq12pf5MHYWxH6X13UUS87

NOTE: Due to legal concerns and PayPal's ToU, we are unable to provide you with a full report of all received donations. Also due to the strict regulations in Russia and potential risks for staff members in the rest of Europe, we cannot make a new PayPal account and thus have to rely on this one.

Thank you very much for your continued support.

Elysium Staff.