Recent Issues & Future Plans

Dear community,

First of all, we want to thank everyone who supported us over the past few days and since the launch of the servers back in December. Together we’ve managed to throw together the necessary sum and pay for the servers in advance, largely due to our loyal members. You know who you are, so we thank you.

Once again we’ve shown that a there’s a close community of people from across the world who actually want to play Vanilla WoW and with your dedication and support you have shown this through and through. You’ve shown we can rely on you.

A special thank you goes out to our NA/EU players who vocally and financially supported us during the recent issue with our hosting provider and most importantly the Chinese players who came together to help provide for the server so that everyone can continue to enjoy Vanilla gaming. Usually they are silent, and proved that even though many players make snide remarks and blame them for everything, they came together to help support the project and to prove that they deserve a place of recognition here at Elysium.

For all of our players, across the globe, the constant support, the silent supporters, vocal and devout majority continue to provide proof that the Legacy Movement is worth fighting for and we will not give up on that dream.

Here are the expiration dates for our machines:

  • Anathema: September 2017
  • Darrowshire: October 2017
  • Zeth’Kur: May 2017
  • Elysium: October 2017
  • Website: October 2017
  • Backup Server: June 2017

All recent donations were directly paid to OVH, this can be confirmed by the expiration dates.

Upcoming changes to our server infrastructure

Currently our lead server administrator Crogge is working together with Whitekidney and Zaph on upcoming infrastructure changes. These changes include for example additional redundancy in form of proper SQL replication, improved RAID setups and security improvements.

This way the amount of possible downtime can be decreased noticeable on each realm, especially in case of major server failures or a third party issue as we had it on Anathema. With these improvements Anathema could have been moved within a few hours to a different machine and continue operation without any database rollback.

Crogge will post an announcement with further details after these changes have been implemented.

It’s been two weeks since we went Open Source

It’s been two weeks since we launched our open source initiative and we’re pleased to have had some constructive and fruitful dialogue with the community on our public development Discord channels, as well a healthy number of early contributions to the core.

Over the coming weeks we’ll be making organisational improvements to the repository on GitHub aimed at helping newcomers getting started with working with the core and database, as well as streamlining the development process for those wishing to contribute to the core as well the team’s own developers.

One of the major complaints about the project’s development has been the introduction of new issues after many of the weekly updates and hotfixes. With this new workflow implemented, every update will go through a more rigorous testing process before being deployed to the live realms.

In terms of current development priorities, we’ve received encouraging feedback from players testing encounters on their self-hosted cores and as we invite guilds to participate on the PTR, we’ll continue to work on polishing and tuning the encounters.

News on project rules

Over the past month the GM team has been reflecting on the Terms of Use, and the impact some of our rules have on the community. We are very conscious of the fact that the rules keep the server “fair” for all players, but if they are too restrictive those same players are unfairly punished. We want to make sure the rules achieve the goal of a fair, balanced and enjoyable playing experience for all. We have already made one major change to the policies by creating a much more accomodating quest item restoration policy (See here: We will also be using this same thread to let you know important GM related information — so keep an eye for future announcements. We are listening, so if there is anything in particular that the rules allow/preclude that you think we should change feel free to post it in the suggestion sub-forum.

Community Ambassadors

We’re happy to welcome our Community Ambassadors: active community members who help people on the multi-language forums and in Discord channels.

Elysium & Zeth’Kur goes to Patch 1.3!

We’re happy to announce that your realms will be updated to Patch 1.3 with new realm bosses Azuregos and Kazzak which will start to appear in-game on March 25th. We will also complete the fix for the PvP set itemizations for your realms. Good luck out there, it’s going to be a battle for sure.

Summing it up and ending the drama

So as you can see, we have been quite busy over the last few weeks, moving towards greener pastures and putting processes into place that not only better the Vanilla community as a whole, but for everyone who contributes towards the unification of Legacy Gaming as well.

In conclusion, we do not want the Elysium Project to be synonymous with the atmosphere of drama and constant backstabbing common for the private emulation scene. This is our home and we’re going to protect it.

However, we do want to thank everyone on the staff for their bravery and resilience. Together we have weathered all the attacks that have been aimed at us personally, all the real life threats, blackmail and libel. We want to thank our players for the priceless support they’ve provided when they asked us not to give up. We’re happy to see that the vast majority of loyal players believe in us and understand that Elysium is more than just another private server.

There’s also a silver lining to all the trouble we’ve gone through: our team is now stronger and we’ve got new talent coming in, including people from other projects. This is actual proof that our idea of a unified community is a really good one. At the end of the day, everything we do is for our players.

Sincerely, Elysium Staff