Elysium Project — ToU Changes


The GM team has been reviewing the Terms of Use and determined that we need to make 4 changes. These changes are effective immediately.

World Boss Griefing on Darrowshire

You may not interact with a tagged world boss in an attempt to wipe the raid or reset the encounter. You can however kill players who are flagged for PvP. Griefing on world bosses on all servers is also going to be sanctioned at a far greater level than in the past. Be warned, griefing world bosses will not be tolerated and sanctions need to reflect the gravity of the crime and could include loot being removed if you griefed to "steal" the tag.


You may now multibox to transfer gold/items to a cross faction alt using the neutral auction house. This only applies to actively transferring Gold/Items to an alt, both characters need to be in a goblin city. Using your faction auction house is still forbidden while multiboxing.

Shared Guild Banks

Guilds may now create a dedicated banking account and share the log-in information. No character on the account on any server can be above level 5, and we will not police in any way items that are remove from the account. Sharing the guild bank details is at your own risk, the staff will not get involved in any way with a guild bank being "stolen". We will ban a shared guild bank if there is a character above level 5.

Character Restoration

The developer team has been able to provide a limited character restoration function. Unfortunately when you delete a character it will not be able to be restored 100% of the time, but if possible we will restore deleted characters. Create an In-Game ticket to request a character restoration and we will try our best.

Sincerely, the GM Team