• Ambient looping sword clanking should no longer disturb the players randomly;
  • BRD Chest of the Seven should be lootable again;
  • BRD 'Jail Break!' quest should no longer stuck; (test run, not fully released)
  • Fixed inappropriate creatures speed.

Note: both Alliance and Horde BRD quests will be available repaired at once.

Molten Core:

  • 'Dominate Mind' effect no longer lasts forever;
  • Cast frequency of Flame Imps' 'Fire Nova' greatly increased;
  • Fixed creatures' wrong movement speed;
  • Ancient Core Hound will cast only one selected random spell during combat. (test mode)


  • Fixed creatures' wrong movement speed;

5 people dungeons:

  • Fixed creatures' wrong movement speed;
  • Quickfix for dungeon chests that fall under groop loot rules.


Western Plaguelands:

  • Araj the Summoner spawn time has been reduced;
  • Cauldron lords now respawn in a proper way;


  • Silithid Swarmers' swarm is less of a nightmare now;
  • Some summoned creatures no longer yield exploitable EXP on death;
  • Amulet of Draconic Subversion is no longer destroyed on zone change.


  • Guards are not-so-usefull anymore (players have to deal some damage in order to gain EXP on creature's death).