• Adjusted loot tables for some boss-specific items.
  • Adjusted loot tables for T1 raid content.
  • LBRS key gem drop rates adjusted (nerfed).
  • Head of Balnazaar drop rate fixed.
  • No more totems for Alliance. No more librams for Horde. Relics loot tables adjusted.
  • Engineers' Target Dummies are now lootable.
  • Burning Steppes' librams now drop correctly.


  • Fixed some server crashing issues.
  • Players should now return back safely from the Rubbish Chutes (you will be teleported back if textures eat you).
  • Eliminated some weird perfomance issues at BRS & BWL.
  • Fixed some possible causes for lag spikes/freezing.


  • Fixed incorrect crit damage values for hunters with the Slayer talent (slightly buffed).
  • Druid stats no longer deviate if player logged out shapeshifted.
  • Fixed incorrect warlocks' hp regeneration rate (nerfed).


  • Rocket Helm's self-knockdown debuff is now invisible.
  • Yet another wrapping paper glitch fixed (no more free buffs).
  • Shadowcraft/Darkmantle armor sets proc rates adjusted.
  • Bonereaver's Edge proc rate fixed. Also its armor buff now is correctly displayed.

NPCs, dungeons and raids:

  • Hogger is now a walking death machine (as opposed to a stationary one).
  • Raptors' attack speed fixed (nerfed). They are still smart and handsome, though.
  • Fixed multiple issues with monsters' Thrash ability interactions (no Thrash, sometimes Thrash, too often Thrash).
  • Fixed multiple issues with monsters' abilities being missed or doubled on Evade.
  • Fixed multiple issues with monsters' not been able to move or autoattack untill Counterspell debuff ends.
  • Some Maraudon NPCs' abilities adjusted.


  • Junkboxes Needed quest reward fix.
  • Burning Steppes libram quests are now available.
  • Vyletongue Corruption now is more immersive (behaviour corrected).


  • Banished players should no longer suffer unusual effects. Well, at least we stopped their talents from being screwed up.
  • Abilities that require facing the target now should work correctly.
  • Impact now works correctly after Ice Block ends.


  • Players now can use .bgann chat command to enable/disable receiving BG-launch announcements.


  • Huge movement rework is almost at its beta stages.
  • More dumb creatures' behaviour fixes to come.