Classes and abilities:

  • Vanish now should correctly remove roots and snares.
  • Fixed some issues where the last stacked ability would consume also the newly added stacks (Flurry-like).
  • Drain Mana rank 4 is available at trainers.
  • Fade now working as intended.
  • Flurry will properly refresh if a crit occurs with 1 charge left.


  • Some footlockers' broken cooldown timers adjusted (greatly decreased).
  • BRD Chest of Seven is lootable once again.
  • Direct damage now awakens meditating players.


  • Fixed multiple issues with monsters incorrect HP/MP values.
  • Fixed multiple issues with monsters missing movement options.
  • Fixed multiple issues with monsters missing abilities.
  • Fixed some missing gossip options.
  • Onyxia is no longer reachable with white attacks in phase 2.
  • Minor Azuregos & Kazzak improvements.


  • Alliance players now should be able to purchase Rank 5 bracers.
  • Wolfshead Helm now should work as intended (druids' powershifting is back).
  • Minor loot tables adjustments.


  • Disruption Ends prerequisite fixed.
  • In Dreams once again researched and fixed.


  • Automated live honor update system (no downtime during calculation).