NPCs, raids and dungeons

  • Multiple fixes for missing or incorrect monster abilities.
  • Multiple missing gossip text fixes.
  • Eris Havenfire respawn timer adjusted.
  • Fixed certain battlemaster respawn timers.


  • Urok Doomhowl event construction is complete.


  • Ironhand Guardians no longer aggros players' pets.
  • Heart of the Mountain respawn fixed.
  • Emperor Dagran Thaurissan abilities adjusted.
  • Princess Moira Bronzebeard is no longer immune to stuns.


  • Greatly reworked and improved overall (fixes, thousands of them).
  • Multiple fixes for positions and looks.
  • Fixed poor performance issues.
  • Multiple major loot tables fixes.
  • Multiple quest and event-related NPCs' fixes.
  • Fixed multiple NPCs' missing movement options.


  • Spectral Tutors now correctly use their Image Projection.


  • Dark Iron Deposits now are the only minerals in there.
  • Core Hounds hitbox adjusted.
  • Lava Surgers abilities adjusted.


  • Onyxia's Whelps should no longer hate their mother (I AM THE MOTHER OF DRAGONS).
  • Tuned phase transition.
  • Onyxian Warders should now be immune to stuns and incapacitates.

Classes and Spells:

  • Fixed some issues where hunter traps could aggro wrong NPCs.
  • Feign Death now should work as intended.
  • Fixed some possible reasons for Preparation and Cold Snap not refreshing players' cooldowns.
  • Stealth detection range fixed.
  • Mind Soothe should now correctly work on high level creatures.


  • Multiple minor loot table adjustments.
  • Gnomish Shrink Ray's backfire no longer aggros friendly NPCs.
  • AB & WSG rations & bandages should no longer disappear on zone change.


  • Items of Power now working correctly.
  • Some quests being occasionally broken by the last update now work as intended (Klaven's Tower, Deep Cover etc.)
  • Stranglethorn Fever fixed.


  • Automated honor calculation system implemented.
  • .bgann choosen state is now saved per character.