NPCs, dungeons and raids:

  • Removed some extra spawned rare world creatures.
  • All fire elementals now should be immune to fire damage.
  • DM North multiple improvements.
  • MC: Resolved a rare issue with Core Hounds respawn check.
  • Minor Azuregos & Kazzak tweaks.
  • Fixed some issues with missing monsters' abilities.
  • Onyxia phase 3 transition fixed.


  • Forsaken Skills now working as intended.
  • Haunting Spirits are now summoned correctly.
  • Wailing Guardsman will now silence less often.

Classes and abilities:

  • Faerie Fire should no longer stack with Faerie Fire (Feral)
  • Clearcasting no longer procs on Wand attacks


  • Gnomish Death Ray backfire fixed.
  • Multiple loot table adjustments.


  • Guardians of the Altar fixed and improved.
  • Unraveling the Mystery is no longer repeatable.
  • Missing In Action fixed (Keeshan now really does not like orcs).
  • Morgan Ladimore quest chain available and improved.
  • Mana Surges fixed and tweaked.
  • Nathanos Blightcaller's initial quests now correctly available.
  • Gnogaine traffic boosted (quest phial usage fixed).
  • Field Duty (Horde) now working as intended.
  • Blackwood Corrupted once again fixed.
  • Grimtotem Spying fixed


  • Fixed some issues where items would allow extra usages before cooldown starts


  • Pathfinding: we are aware it is number one issue, We are sorry it takes so long already. We are still working on it, and yes, it will be fixed. Thank you for your patience.
  • Stealth: research in progress.</ul>