• Players fleeing from duels now correctly stop auto-attack.
  • Combat log now displays some previously missing info (ex: Sword Specialization procs).
  • Fixed an issue where players returning from a battleground could get teleported to a wrong map.

NPCs, dungeons and raids:

  • Multiple minor tweaks and fixes.
  • Fixed some missing creature gossips.
  • Azuregos & Kazzak respawn timers adjusted (now it really is 4-7 days).
  • Elemental creatures now immune to Poison & Disease effects.
  • Elemental creatures now immune now to their respective element types.

    • Dire Maul
    • Highborne Summoners should no longer prevent you from receiving boss loot.
    • King Gordok & Zevrim Thornhoof combat behaviour adjusted.

    • Stratholme

    • Cannon Master Willey event fixed and improved.

    • Molten Core

    • Lava Surgers & Ancient Core Hounds combat behaviour adjusted.
    • Golemagg & Firesworn missing abilities fixed.

    • Onyxia's Lair
    • Minor adjustments.

Spells and abilities:

  • Vanish now should correctly remove players from combat.
  • Improved Blizzard should no longer ignore snare immunities.
  • Threat gain normalized for Growl, Distracting Shot, Torment, and Suffering.


  • The Attack! behaviour and group credit corrected.
  • Pyrewood Ambush is no longer affected by overgrown Santa helper.
  • Hunter epic quests greatly improved.
  • Avenging the Fallen no longer repeatable.


  • Some minor loot tables adjustments.
  • Engineers summoned creatures are now correctly scaled both by summoner's level and their Engineering skill level.
  • Chickenborn returns! Gnomish Battle Chicken now correctly uses its abilities.


  • Existing pathfinding system replaced by a more reliable one.
  • Polymorphed, feared, fleeing, attacking enemies now should choose their paths more wisely.
  • Mostly "red" monsters should no longer ignore player’s presence in their aggro radius.
  • Monsters should no longer reach textures depths or fly in the sky.
  • Players are less susceptible to join them there.
  • Yet it requires some improvements, but it already bests it's grandma.