NPCs, dungeons and raids

  • Fixed missing reputation penalty for killing some of Timbermaw NPCs.
  • Onyxia's combat behaviour adjusted.
  • Stormwind City Guards (and some other civilains too) now has their weapons correctly sheathed.
  • Stromwind City Patrollers now will correctly change their swords to their lanterns depending on a daylight.
  • Some Molten Core bosses have their combat behaviour adjusted.
  • Sons of Flame no longer immune to crowd control effects.
  • Once again Immol'thar supported in his battle against Highborne Summoners.
  • Adjusted some creatures respawn timers.
  • Some world creatures abilties corrected.</ul>


  • Initial epic paladin mount quest (Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker) now correctly available both in Ironforge and Stormwind.
  • 'Freedom For All Creatures' adjusted.
  • Fixed some reasons for quests with followers getting stuck.
  • The Missing Diplomat quest chain fixed.
  • Multiple missing questgivers emotes added.
  • Electropellers everywhere (drop chance adjusted).
  • Further improvements for hunters epic quests.</ul>

Spells and abilities

  • Pet happiness now should correctly affect its melee and abilities damage.
  • Juju Might, Fengus Ferocity, Rallying Cry of Dragonslayer now correctly affect ranged Attack Power.</ul>


  • Anti-spam system tweaks.
  • Fixed reasons causing the server to crash.
  • Adjusted some inconvinient visuals.</ul>


  • Some dungeon epic weapons drop rates adjusted.
  • Minor loot tables adjustements.
  • Bag of Marbles now contains all 10 marbles in.</ul>


  • The soil under charging warriors feets now is more solid.
  • Dead monsters bodies now should be floating less in the air (their sins prevail).
  • Mages should now be safe to blink again. (hail, Undercity blinking lovers).</ul>