• Corrected The Blackwood Corrupted monsters behaviour.
  • Fixed some issues where escort quests could get stuck at the end.
  • Tooga's Quest fixed and improved.
  • Ancient Spirit fixed and improved (both pre-event and escort).
  • More improvements and fixes to epic hunter quests.
  • Fixed issue with quests that mail quest rewards.

Spells & abilities

  • Fixed some issues where spells with same effects could incorrectly override each other (ex. Blink & Blessing of Freedom).


  • Monsters' Stealth detection tweaked: they should no longer detect players too quickly in some circumstances.
  • Monsters with certain magic school immunity no longer expose their immunity.
  • Fixed some issues preventing elemental creatures from being correctly immune bleed effects.
  • Daze effect reworked to match vanilla.


  • Reverted some items previously incorrectly buffed to grant ranged AP.
  • Seal of Ascension now is correctly usable during the UBRS Warchief Rend event.
  • Fixed some issues where proc chance for some weapons was calculated incorrectly.
  • Multiple weapons proc chance adjusted.
  • Fixed some issues where weapons did not proc off of spell attacks.
  • Minor loot tables adjustments.

NPCs, dungeons and raids

  • BRD Shadowforge Bridge event fixed.
  • Stratholme Cannonmaster Willey now kindly allows players to leave his hall (at least the gates are open).
  • UBRS Warchief Rend event reworked and improved.
  • Big bosses minds and tongues are now safe (Mind-numbing poison & Curse of Tongues immunity fixed).
  • MC Ragnaros combat behavior greatly adjusted.
  • Multiple minor improvements to different MC encounters.
  • Broken Tooth is back.
  • Fixed an issue where monsters attack damage was not correctly amplified in some cases.


  • Thanks to Chaosvex & Namreeb, a security issue has been identified and patched.
  • Players should no longer lose their quest rewards due to lack of free inventory slots.
  • Fixed an issue causing a weapons proc animation not being displayed (and yes, the rogues poison proc animation too).
  • Both faction players being squished by the might of Black Rock Mountain should reach respective graveyards correctly.


  • Alterac Valley.
  • Hiring excavators & bulldozers to save some NPCs from the deepest depths of Azeroth.