• Players now correctly leave and rejoin world channels after logging out.
  • Critters now will now correctly engage in combat, able to die from DoTs and evade.
  • Pet's action bar will return after reloading user interface.
  • NPCs will no longer chase players infinitely under certain circumstances.
  • Mangletooth correctly buffs players instead of himself
  • Fishing Pools were removed and will return at the correct patch.
  • Battleground maps will now prevent players' tries to bypass gates too early.
  • Battleground spirit healers will more reliably resurrect players.
  • Elemental Invasion and World Bosses will be disabled on Elysium and Zeth’kur until the proper patch
  • Miscellaneous crash fixes.


  • Explosive Sheep now works properly.
  • Goblin Bomb Dispenser now works properly.



  • Lockpicking junkboxes respawn timers have been fixed.
  • Quest ‘Mission: Possible But Not Probable’ fixed.


  • Windfury Totem’s enchantment will be applied immediately when the totem is dropped.


  • Firestone (Rank 2) will return to it’s rightful position as an off-hand.
  • Warlocks will no longer be able to exploit to rename their pet.


  • ‘Death From Below’ now completable.
  • ‘Kodo Roundup’ will now reset kodos properly.
  • ‘Rescue OOX-17/TN!’ robot chicken will no longer charge into the abyss.
  • ‘Escape from Jaedanar’ spawned NPCs will now despawn properly.
  • ‘Missing in Action’ will properly complete after escorting Keeshan back to Lakeshire.
  • 'Test of Endurance' fixed to limit only one Grenka spawn, lowered object respawn rate.
  • 'Mage Summoner' fixed to implement proper difficulty.
  • 'The Principle Source' fixed to implement proper difficulty.
  • 'Curing the Sick' improved.
  • 'Mana Surges' fixed to prevent event from chaining on itself.
  • ‘In Dreams’ fixed to add missing abilities to Isilien and improved reliability.
  • Stitches is ready to terrorize Darkshire once again.
  • ‘Call of Water’ reliability fixes.
  • ‘The Swarm Grows’ improved through addition of missing Silithid Invader spawn points.


  • Ragnaros’s target selection has improved drastically.
  • Ragnaros will more reliably Magma Blast when no one is in melee range.

Please, make sure to clean your WDB folder in order to allow some updates to be displayed by your WoW client correctly.