• Most skeletons are no longer immune to roots and snares.
  • Missing Timbermaw reputation penalties have been added.
  • Players no longer have their location displayed incorrectly.
  • Stitches should no longer get stuck at his spawn and also is tuned to vanilla levels making him a tad easier.
  • Footlockers are in correct locations based on server patch.
  • Fixed misc. server crashes.
  • Darkwood Pole can now be fished.
  • Group logic improved. (Group leader displaying, transferring etc.)
  • Players no longer will receive broken version of their pet on a BG in certain cases.

Raids & Dungeons

  • Primordial Behemoth should correctly engage in combat.
  • Bosses are now correctly immune to Scorpid Sting and Vindication.
  • Players should no longer experience unexpected evade issues in dungeon and raid instances.
  • Gatekeeper Rageroar has had his damage tuned to more reasonable levels.

Classes & Abilities

  • Spell 'Ritual of Summoning' now again works as intended.
  • Vanish should now do what is expected it to do.
  • Arcane Missiles no longer have unlimited range.
  • Some channeling spells now have interrupt leeway range.
  • Pickpocketing loot now persists through Pickpocketing attempts.
  • Warlock pets that lost their demonic names in abyss shall obtain new ones.
  • Fear Ward and Berserker Rage interaction fixed, preventing players from being feared under the Fear Ward buff.


  • Quest 'Mission: Possible But Not Probable' improved. All retail features are implemented.
  • Quest 'Arcane Feedback' now rewards you correctly.
  • Quest 'Seal of Ascension' fixed.
  • Quest 'Vorsha the Lasher' reliability improved.
  • Gizelton Caravan now works, thus allowing you to complete quests 'Gizelton Caravan', 'Bodyguard For Hire'.
  • Escort system improved adding more accuracy to combat-related behaviour.