• Lunar festival fixes have been implemented.
  • Zanza's potion effects will be kept after death.
  • Exploiting disenchanting no longer allows individuals to bypass group/master loot mechanics.
  • Eye of Kilrogg, Eyes of the Beast should no longer cause character teleportation and/or disconnects after completing the cast.
  • Alterac battle standards are no longer usable outside of Alterac Valley.
  • Lockpicking is from now on supported by the trade window.
  • Fixed a rare Auction House bug where the item being bought out by the player would change, resulting in the wrong item being purchased.
  • Buying out the wrong item will display the correct error message from now on.
  • Posting more than 50 items on the AH will no longer crash your client.
  • Thenan spawn reduced to intended amount.

Raids & Dungeons

  • Various fixes for Herod, no more movement while using Whirlwind, Charge mechanic adjusted and don't forget to close the door!

Classes & Abilities

  • Demonic Rune is no longer usable by rogues and warriors.


  • Quest 'Jail Break!' is working now as intended.
  • Quest 'Stormwind Rendezvous' is working now as intended.
  • Quest 'The Sacred Flame (Part III)' loot drop rate adjusted.
  • Quest 'Attack on the Tower' exploit fixed, chest's are not giving free loot anymore and ogres are being properly summoned.
  • Quest 'Stranglethorn Fever' exploit fixed, only one quest event is running simultaneously now.
  • Yet another fix for quest 'Rescue OOX-17/TN!', the chicken movement has been finally fixed.