• Improvements to the melee leeway mechanics have been made
  • Fixed a bug that was causing negative stats to be displayed in the level up message for some classes
  • Duel mechanics have been substantially improved
  • Trade windows should no longer require spam clicking trade
  • Group leadership should no longer change players when zoning
  • Transports (boats/zeppelins) should now function for Mac users
  • Despawn mechanics have been improved, fixing a number of quest issues involving summoned creatures
  • Fixed a bug that was causing set bonuses to not be applied when swapping gear pieces
  • Players should now be able to walk on water in ghost form after dying inside an instance (Onyxia's Lair, for example)
  • Mountain Lions in Hillsbrad Foothills will no longer be stealthed
  • Skeletons now only immune to the following: Charm, Fear, Sleep, Bleed, Polymorph, Banish
  • Quests that teach the player a spell or ability will no longer display the Samwise placeholder icon (for example, The Affray)
  • Fixed a bug that was causing Argent Dawn Commission to not be applied correctly in some circumstances
  • Shift-clicking quest loot has been fixed


  • Target Dummies should now drop various engineering detritus
  • Linken's Boomerang has had its proc rate adjusted
  • Hand of Justice no longer has an internal cooldown on procs
  • Rogues will no longer dodge or parry their own Bloodfang set bonus proc
  • The priest and mage tier 2 bonus buffs should no longer be displayed as a Samwise placeholder icon on the player's buff list
  • Itemization for Anathema, Elysium and Zeth'kur has been updated to reflect their patch levels

Raids & Dungeons

  • Noxxion's damage school is now nature rather than frost
  • Vaelastrasz's introduction speech timing has been improved
  • Stratholme Postbox have been implemented
  • The Spirit of Zandalar world buff now persists through death

Classes & Abilities

  • Periodic damage spells will no longer consume Improved Shadow Bolt charges
  • Tranquil Air Totem is no longer in French
  • Tauren druids' aquatic form appearance has been fixed
  • Sweeping Strikes and Execute will now do full damage to both targets if both targets are below 20% HP
  • Curse of Recklessness will now remove fear effects
  • Players may now carry multiple ranks of Healthstones in their inventory
  • Blackout will now only proc on shadow damage spells
  • Polymorph health regeneration has been reduced from 33% per tick to 10%
  • Flurry will now reapply itself on the last charge when getting a critical strike
  • Tranquility channeling will no longer be interrupted by a player dying or going out of range of the effect


  • The Warchief's Blessing event has been implemented, granting the 'Warchief's Blessing' buff upon completion
  • Compendium of the Fallen is now available to undead players
  • Extinguishing the Idol's escort has been improved
  • Letter to Stormpike now requires a prequest, Encrypted Letter, to be completed
  • Archmage Xylem's gossip has been made available
  • Fixed a bug where some quests were unable to be completed without abandoning and accepting the quest again (for example, the Blasted Lands consumable quests)
  • A Humble Offering has been disabled on Anathema and any recipients of the reward ring will have the item removed, with an Abyssal Scepter being mailed as a refund
  • Corrected dialogue in Woodland Protector
  • Horde can now accept the Hive in the Tower quest in Silithus
  • Fixed typos in quest dialogues involving Fandral Staghelm
  • Fixed typos in Beer Basted Boar Ribs
  • Fixed typos in Grimtotem Spying


  • A number of corrections to NPC stats and abilities have been made