• Fixed various gameobject pools not respawning correctly (herbs, crystals, etc).
  • Fixed an issue causing players to have unintended side effects after being Mind Controlled, including being able to walk under water and being unattackable.
  • Fixed players appearing to change direction while flying if they change certain pieces of equipment.
  • Player honor gain on mark turn-ins and Battleground honor ticks will no longer state that the player has killed themselves.
  • Fixed an error with the armor calculation causing level 60 and above units to mitigate less damage than intended

Raids & Dungeons

  • Nefarian's Mage class call will no longer cause each subsequent Mage call to polymorph more players than intended

Classes & Abilities

  • Fixed an exploit allowing players to stack critical hit chance when disarmed.
  • Creatures that use weapons now have reduced damage and cannot use their melee abilities while they are disarmed.
  • Actually fixed Sunder Armor not proccing on hit effects.


  • Juju Flurry now grants attack speed bonus to Off-Hand and Ranged weapons as well as Main-Hand, and will no longer reduce damage in compensation for the speed increase.


  • Players should once again be able to complete the battlegear quests in Silithus given by Vargus.
  • Battleground mark turn-ins should be available on all realms once more.