We're currently working to bring all realms online.
Elysium will continue to run, and despite what many people believe, will not be shutting down.
Further comments about downtime and response to allegations will be made later.

Update #2 - 19.10.2017

We have a possible way to restore all characters without a rollback. we're going to give it a try but it's looking ok. We will keep you updated.

Update #1 - 17.10.2017

Hello everyone. After a long 24 hours, we have some answers for you at last.

To start, I want to stress that no members, apart from those marked in the leaks, had anything to do with what has happened in the last 48 hours. We are staying on Elysium because we cannot trust those that can easily destroy and steal an entire communities private data, and think that’s ok.

That being said, we urge all Elysium players to change their username and password as soon as you are able. DO NOT connect to any server pretending to be Elysium, or you risk your information being compromised. We do not control what they do with that information, and can only protect what we have in our database.

Currently, we have character database from: 20-09-2017 (Updated!) for Darrowshire, 09-09-2017 for Elysium and 23-09-2017 for Anathema. Those databases will go online in matter of hours. We know this isn't the best case scenario but we are working on a solution and what ex-administrators did is just a reason for us to work harder to restore your characters back. At the moment we have our development team restoring services.

Due to recent events, team size and the application process will be done differently. We will also be undergoing some restructuring.

It was recently brought up that gold and characters were being sold on Elysium by the administration, behind closed doors. We do not offer a “gold shop” like a lot of other servers do to stay afloat. We didn’t want to resort to sales, but donations were extremely limited, and it was either we do limited sales or we shut down Elysium. That is not an excuse, just the reality of the situation. This was not known (neither was the financial struggles we were having) by most of the Elysium team. We do not mean to defend this position, only be more upfront about it.

That being said, we have unbanned all gold BUYERS that were banned in the past 3 months. We are doing this simply because if you’re willing to give us a second chance to correct our mistakes, you deserve one too.

For the future, the remaining team members are committed to working harder and more diligently for the community. If you have any suggestions or you want to help the project, please let us know. Proper multilevel backups will be set so this type of behaviour from thieves won’t be available. Due to the upcoming screening of the people joining the project, we can assure you that things like this will never happen again.

We have proven it before and we will prove it again: Elysium is here to stay no matter the challenge. We’ve been successful at going OpenSource, had a great Naxxaramas release, and have strengthened this community. We don’t intend to stop now.

Elysium has been up and running for almost a year now. We have seen countless attempts to replicate our work start, and fail, very quickly. Several servers have been shut down this year alone, and we expect the newest one, born out of betrayal and theft, to be like the others. If you choose to spend time there, that is your choice. But, be careful. Odds are it will be shut down just like all of the others.

We strongly believe that the way of destruction and malice against our community is never the right way to get ahead, and there is always a way to solve a problem without burning everything around you.

Crogge's appeal

Dear community,

I know what I did was wrong and I won’t reject any of the accusations regarding the gold and character sales which were told by Whitekidney. I was fully aware what I did, I could describe in detail now why and for whom I did it but such excuses won’t change the final result.

I’m really sad currently, sad on myself because I betrayed my own family. Yes that’s right, after months I started to see the Elysium team as family because we spent a lot of time talking about our private life and you get used to people when you work hours daily with them together.

This family included (Past) Whitekidney who abused my trust. He was the only person beside me with full root access which means I trusted him 100% and would have never expected remotely what happened last night. When I saw it I was not just shocked about the fact that a great vanilla project just got massive damage, I was also shocked that he abused my trust and even tried to make sure that Elysium won’t recover from the caused damage.

It may sounds weird but my intentions to the project are good, I was one of the persons who helped Elysium to remain above the water in difficult times and made sure that the setup of the servers wasn’t a disaster anymore.

For now I will use all of my available free time to get the realms back online even if I have to stay online till 5am daily to get it done quickly. I’m one of the responsible persons so this is the least thing I can do for the community.

I won’t ask for forgiveness, but Elysium deserves a chance because it became the central point of the legacy movement and survived big setbacks. It takes a lot of strength and endurance but we won’t give in after all the time and work which has been invested into this project. New projects will keep appearing, but just a few will remain on the long term.

Shenna's appeal

Dear community,

I am here to say my sorry for being one of reasons why people decided to burn Project to the ground.

Yesterday I was taken away something what was really important to me. I can't accept it, it’s not right and was done by a friend which I trusted with everything. He knew how important it is for me, but, despite this fact he never really tried to talk to me about it, pretending to be accepting it. He used this precedent as an excuse to just steal the project, as he, I suspect, always wanted. If he'd really worry about community, he'd find a way to solve this internally without creating a drama which caused a massive damage to the, first and foremost, player base and entire Vanilla community.

Despite all my mistakes I do care about the Project. I’d never abandon it and I guess I have proven it many times. Yes, due to mine and my family's personal problems I did receive some money for a personal use, but at the end of the day it helped to spend more time here maintaining the servers.

It wasn't right towards all of you.

I do regret about the way I have done this.
Of course, It will never happen again, I learn my lessons.

And I wish to be forgiven one day. If even I won’t, I’ll keep working for players who just want to play no matter what.

I want to say sorry to all staff members who quit after all this happened. I know I also betrayed your trust. But I am really was proud to see Elysium’s team state before the shutdown: we achieved a lot and Elysium just started to grow, until the moment when it was ruined. Still proud to know such dedicated people as you all are. Thank you for being here, with us. It won’t be the same without you all being around around.

I want to say thank you for all staff members who stayed. It matters a lot.

As above, I will continue to work for the Project I love, despite it’s being in ruins. It’s hard to see all realms being offline, it’s so unusual after one year of seeing it full of players.

I did mistakes. But what you’ve done, Whitekidney, also is wrong. The way of destruction is never the right way. It isn’t possible to see you as a friend anymore, and I guess we never were.

Once again, I apologize and ask for your forgiveness.